City of Rotterdam

Jan 27 '15 17:40

Rotterdam will soon start measuring how many people visit the city and how long they stay there with the new City Traffic system. Visitors will be automatically registered in the city center through mobile phone signals, Bluetooth and WiFi.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.45.30 PM
Oct 9 '14 13:16

The City of Rotterdam will soon play host to a striking new event hall as Keileweg’s former gas storage tank is transformed into the Ferro Dome. Filling a much needed gap in Rotterdam’s available concert hall space, the Dome is set to open it’s doors at the end of December for a six-month trial run, programming a series of dance events, concerts and events for the business market.

Dec 6 '13 10:43

A number of streets in the North Island in Rotterdam have been flooded. In some streets, the water is up to knee height.

Oct 30 '13 12:08

The City of Rotterdam has fired an official who is suspected of leaking documents about illegal and unsafe mosque-boarding school, NRC reports Wednesday.

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