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Young entrepreneur
May 25 '20 09:30

While the total number of new startups in the Netherlands decreased since the start of the coronavirus crisis, the number of new businesses started by children and teenagers up to the age of 19 is on the rise. In March and April this year, this age group started 2,139 new businesses, 137 more than the same months last year, Trouw reports based n figures from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK).

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May 8 '20 20:10

Half of all business in the Netherlands, excluding those in the financial services sector, expect that the survival of their company will be in danger if the Covid-19 pandemic continues for longer than six months. Most business owners also expect revenue to continue to fall for a second quarter, which will inevitably lead to more staff cuts.

Sex worker on a bed
Apr 25 '20 12:01

Parties from both in and outside of the ruling coalition have called on the cabinet to take action to protect the financial wellbeing of sex workers in the Netherlands, following the economic fallout caused by the Covid-19 outbreak.

"Despite repeated requests, action has so far failed to materialize," the CDA, ChristenUnie and opposition party PvdA affirmed in a statement. All the while, they claim, many sex workers "do not even have money for food." 

Euro coins
Apr 16 '20 18:24

Dutch banks have given financial support to some 105,000 entrepreneurs and 17,000 consumers since the outbreak of Covid-19 began in the Netherlands, the Dutch Banking Association (NVB) announced on Thursday. Yet, despite the extensiveness of these loan programs more than three-quarters of all small businesses in the country say they are running into financial difficulties, a survey from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) reveals.

Mona Keijzer
Apr 9 '20 10:05

Between 70 thousand and 80 thousand companies have applied for support at the coronavirus emergency desk since it opened on March 27, State Secretary Mona Keijzer of Economic Affairs said on talk show Op1. So far the government paid out around 58 million euros.

Keijzer stressed that the corona emergency desk is part of a much larger package of measures to support businesses through the coronavirus crisis. 

Construction site
Jan 7 '20 08:41

On January 1st there were 2,000,404 businesses in the Netherlands - the first time ever this counter topped 2 million, according to figures from the Dutch chamber of commerce KvK. The number of companies in the Netherlands increased by almost 100 thousand last year, an increase of 5 percent, NOS reports.

Dutch flag on a business card
Jun 13 '19 13:40

The Netherlands is a very appealing business destination from several points of view. Foreign businesspeople highly appreciate the various and numerous types of structures they can employ for protecting their assets in the Netherlands. Among these structures, the Dutch foundation is known as one of the most popular entities which can be created for the purpose of asset protection.

May 21 '18 10:40

American companies settling in Europe are increasingly opting for a country other than the Netherlands. "The Netherlands is not automatically the first choice anymore", Patrick Mikkelsen, director of  AmCham, the American Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands, said to newspaper AD.

The Americans are critical of the Dutch business climate and believe that the Netherlands should implement changes quickly. Criticisms include high corporate tax in the Netherlands, and planned changes to a favorable tax regulation for expats. 

Nov 23 '17 12:20

Just over half of Dutch entrepreneurs have experienced a period in which they faced financial- and personal problems, according to a survey by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. About a tenth of entrepreneurs are currently facing these problems. The survey was conducted among 1,200 mainly smaller business owners, reports. 

construction worker
Feb 13 '17 08:52

At least 18 percent of the nearly 700 thousand freelancers in the Netherlands lost work over the past year due to a new law against false self-employment, Dutch newspaper Trouw reports based on a study by the Chamber of Commerce which publishes on Monday. That amounts to 122 thousand affected freelancers.

Sylvana Simons
Dec 29 '16 08:54

Sylviana Simons' new political party Artikel 1 was founded weeks before she announced that she was leaving political party DENK, the Telegraaf reports based on documents from the Chamber of Commerce.

Simons managed to keep her plans for resigning from DENK secret, while establishing her new party in time for the elections, by registering the new party on the name of cultural activists Bram Verhappen and Reguillo Wijngaarde, instead of her own, according to the newspaper. 

Apr 5 '16 09:31

The Dutch government loses out on billions of euros due to Dutch companies evading their taxes, according to union FNV, based on a study by SOMO, a foundation that investigates multinational companies

Jan 20 '16 11:34

The number of Syrian businesses in the Netherlands grew by 23 percent to 947 last year. The number of Iraqi businesses grew by 20 percent to 3,356, the Kamer van Koophandel, the Dutch chamber of Commerce

Mar 27 '15 09:43

UberPop drivers are evading taxes by not charging VAT for the trips they make. According to Uber, it is impossible to charge VAT as the UberPop drivers are not registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

Nov 6 '14 12:33

Justice along with the tax investigation service FIOD raided the media company of Peter Jan Rens in the Stompetoren, North Holland. Three men were arrested, Rens is not among them.

Oct 7 '14 11:13

Air France-KLM is creating a new discount airline to compete with the likes of RyanAir and EasyJet, the union representing Air France's pilots told newspaper Le Parisien. The news comes a week after the union ended an impactful strike over cutbacks at Air France and the firm's investment in budget airline Transavia, a work action that grounded flights for two weeks in September and cost an estimated €400 million.

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