Central Bureau for Statistics

Mar 30 '15 11:15

Prices in the Dutch industrial sector took an 8.8 percent dive in February 2015 in comparison to February 2014, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has reported today.

Sep 24 '14 12:00

Second estimates of the economic growth in The Netherlands from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) reveals that the economy is growing faster than thought, with 0.7 percent growth in the second quarter over the first. This growth is 0.2 percent greater than estimated in August. The CBS puts the growth down to exports.

Sep 24 '14 11:35

The national deficit went up to €9.4 billion in the first half of 2014. This is €5.1 billion higher than the same period last year, the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS). According to the CBS, this rise is because telecom frequency auctions, which started in 2013, are now dropping away.

Aug 20 '14 13:30

Dutch consumers are a lot less positive about the future of economic development. According to the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS), the Consumer Confidence indicator dropped four points to minus six in August. The CBS says that the tense international political situation could be the cause.

Aug 19 '14 13:59

Russia's boycott on The Netherlands will cost the country more than €300 million, according to The Netherlands Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS).

Aug 18 '14 13:33

Due to the mild weather this year, there was less CO2 emissions in the second quarter than a year ago. According to figures from the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) Netherlands, emissions dropped with 0.9 percent, NU.nl reports.

houe for sale/sold sign
Aug 1 '14 15:16

Despite reports from the Central Bureau of Statistics and the Netherlands Association of Estate Agents that the housing market is recovering, around 21,000 of the more than 63,000 homes put up for sale in The Netherlands, are often sold in the first half year at a stiff loss, De Telegraaf reports.

Housing Market
Jul 21 '14 11:29

Housing prices in The Netherlands have been higher in the last three months compared to the same period of last year. June saw a 2.2 percent rise in existent houses for sale than in June 2013, the Central Bureau for Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

Jul 1 '14 14:57

Boking holidays and shopping for clothes is being done online now more than ever in The Netherlands. In 2013, 83 percent off Dutch internet users between the ages of 12 and 75 said they shop online. This is 10.3 million people, 0.4 million more than in 2012, the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) reports.

Jun 25 '14 16:06

The Netherlands is one of the first countries in the EU taking on the new international guideline for national accounts.This influences already-published macro-economic figures and also earlier estimations of the economic growth in the first quarter, the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) reports.

Jun 24 '14 15:38

The number of businesses filing for bankruptcy has dropped 31 percent since May 2013. Last year, there were 800 declarations. In May this year, that number has dropped to 551, the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) reports.

Gay couple
Jun 18 '14 09:31

Project developer Blauwhoed wants to build a Gay Village near Tilburg. An exclusive neighborhood for homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders. According to the Brabants Dagblad, there is not yet much enthusiasm among the LGBT community to reserve a place in the neighborhood.

Jun 17 '14 10:06

Almost 450,000 Dutch people were scammed last year on the internet. Most of these cases involve selling or buying items online. This is 3.3 percent of people aged 15 or older. In 2012, this was 2.9 percent. These figures were published by the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) today.

Care for the elderly
Jun 12 '14 13:48

The Dutch Red Cross wants to expand care for the elderly in The Netherlands. The organization carried out research, revealing statistics that cast an unfavorable light on the state of health care in the country.

Jun 3 '14 16:19

Despite a slump in the economy, the average family has more to spend now than a couple of decades ago. Comparatively, household incomes were 15 percent higher in 2012 than in the early 90s, and 20 percent higher than the 70s, according to research from the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS).

May 29 '14 13:41

There is fewer harassment at Dutch workplaces, according to the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS). The percentage of employees that report harassment from clients, colleagues or executives has dropped between 2008 and 2013.

May 28 '14 15:19

Despite signals that the economy is picking up again, the number of people receiving income assistance grew with 13 thousand in the first quarter of 2014 to 426 thousand people, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) announces today.

The Flu
May 26 '14 12:03

Fewer people died in the first quarter of this year than average. This is due in part to the mild weather, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). In the first months of this year, 35,000 people passed away.

Apr 29 '14 17:03

Traffic deaths in the Netherlands are on a rapid decline, which may serve as proof that "this is one of the safest countries in the world," according to Infrastructure and Environment Minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen.

Figures released by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) show that in 2013 570 people died in traffic accidents in the Netherlands, which was 80 less than the year before. CBS said the 21 percent decrease was obviously stronger than the European average of eight percent.

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