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May 16 '16 07:44

Three armed men broke into and robbed a home on Sloterweg in Amsterdam during the early hours of Sunday morning. Shots were fired during the robbery, but no one was hit. One of the home's residents did have to go to the hospital after being assaulted.

May 13 '16 12:25

A newspaper deliver was critically injured in a stabbing in Rotterdam-West on Friday morning. The woman was found lying next to her bicycle, covered in blood

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May 9 '16 15:15

The police are looking for witnesses to a road rage incident in Zierikzee on March 25th. During this incident, a motorist deliberately crashed into a father and a stroller in a parking lot on Baden Powellweg.

May 3 '16 10:50

The police are looking for the perpetrators behind dozens right-wing extremist stickers found in several places in Hulst over the past month. According to the police, the stickers contain various types of images, "but they all have a racist or right-wing extremist nature".

Apr 28 '16 14:50

A 51-year-old man and his two sons were severely assaulted by a group of about 15 people in the Groningen city center on King's Day. The group fled after the attack

Apr 18 '16 12:55

The police are urgently looking for witnesses that can provide any information on a sexual assault in Amsterdam on Saturday morning. A young woman was attacked by a masked man on Benedenlangs in Noord at around 8:15 a.m.

Mar 21 '16 11:00

The police issued a warning about a gang stealing solar panels off rooftops in Noord-Brabant. Investigators are calling on witnesses to come forward.

Mar 3 '16 14:10

An Amsterdam taxi driver managed to leap from his moving vehicle after three men hijacked him during the early hours of Friday, February 19th. The police are looking for witnesses.

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Feb 29 '16 10:31

The police arrested three suspects, including a 29-year-old Portuguese man, in connection with a shootout on Cronesteinstraat in Rotterdam during the early hours of Saturday morning. Dozens of shots were fired, but as far as is known, no one was injured. Several cars were hit and damaged.

Feb 24 '16 10:27

The police released video footage and information about a sexual assault that happened just off a bike path on H.J.E. Wenckebachweg in Amsterdam during the early morning hours of January 28th. They hope that information from the public will lead to the perpetrator's arrest.

Feb 19 '16 14:40

Police were called to the Amphia hospital in Oosterhout, Noord-Brabant after a 62-year-old Breda man walked in with a gunshot wound. The victim said he was shot near his Murphy’s Steakhouse restaurant on Tilburgseweg in Oosterhout.

Oostelijke Handelskade shooting
Feb 18 '16 07:20

A shooting on Oostelijke Handelskade in Amsterdam on Wednesday night left one man dead. The police are looking for witnesses.

Feb 17 '16 13:35

The metal object that seriously injured a 36-year-old German motorists by smashing through his windshield on the N270 near Deurne on Monday, is a piece of a metal drum-brake. The police believe that it came from a semi-trailer or truck.

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Jan 29 '16 10:30

The police are investigating a shooting in Noordwijk on Thursday night in which a 44 year old man from Wiesbaden was injured.

Jan 13 '16 07:35

The body parts found around a ditch in Etten-Leur last month belonged to 26 year old Danny de Deugd, the police announced on Tuesday. The body parts were identified based on a DNA match.

Jan 6 '16 07:57

The police believe that two gunmen were involved in the assassination of Amsterdam criminal Chahid Yakhlaf in Kerkdriel on New Year's Eve. Two other people were injured.

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Jan 4 '16 11:03

A 15-year-old girl was stabbed on her way to school in Venlo on Monday morning after getting into a fight with a pedestrian. The girl was rushed to the hospital and the police were able to speak with her. The suspect is still at large.

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Dec 21 '15 13:15

The police are looking for those responsible for damaging six cars by throwing stones from an overpass near Reuver, Limburg onto the A73 highway on Sunday night between 8:15 and 8:30 p.m.

Dec 14 '15 11:30

The two men seriously injured in a shooting incident on Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam on Friday night, were the victims of a targeted attack, the police believe. Any witnesses are asked to come forward.

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Dec 10 '15 12:03

The Amsterdam police arrested a 47 year old man from Leidschendam last week in connection with the disappearance of Deborah Rosiek from Amsterdam in 2003. The police call the arrest a "possible breakthrough" in the case.

Nov 25 '15 10:24

Almost a year after a man dressed as Zwarte Piet robbed the Avida gas station on Europastraat in Borne, the case is still unsolved. The police are calling on the public's help to solve this case and arrest this robber.

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Nov 23 '15 13:58

The police are investigating a car explosion in Geldorp, Noord-Brabant during the early hours of Monday morning. No one was injured, but the car was completely destroyed.

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Nov 3 '15 08:28

The Enschede official who was attacked on the street on Monday, was stabbed in the face with a box cutter. He was attacked by two men on the corner of Oosterstraat and the Telgendijk around 8:45 a.m.

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Nov 2 '15 12:46

Another Amsterdam coffee shop has been the target of a shooting. Several shots were fired at the coffee shop on Krugerstraat in the Transvaalbuurt during the early hours of Sunday morning.


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