body found

Jun 6 '14 16:28

The body found yesterday at the landing gear of a KLM Cityhopper aircraft is believed to be that of a 17-year old Norwegian boy missing since Wednesday. Investigators working at the airport found an identity card believed to be the boy's, according to Norwegian media.

Jun 5 '14 16:38

Workers at Schiphol airport made a grisly discovery Thursday when they found a body near the landing gear of a KLM Cityhopper airplane. The flight landed in Amsterdam around 10 a.m. without incident after departing from Trondheim, Norway.

Feb 26 '14 19:22

The body of 52-year-old Thea Oosting from Ravenswoud, who went missing on February 17, was found Tuesday afternoon in a ditch between the fields near the Meester Lokstraat. A passer-by spotted the body and notified the police.


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