body found in burning car

Mar 10 '16 16:10

The police connected a second burnt out car to the murder of beheaded Nabil Amzieb in Amsterdam. A burnt out Volkswagen Polo was discovered on Kelbergen in Amsterdam Zuidoost on Wednesday morning. The police believe it was used as a getaway car.

Mar 10 '16 11:54

Decapitated Nabil Amzieb was not a notorious career criminal, but did have friends known to be involved in the gang conflict going on in Amsterdam since 2012

Mar 9 '16 14:45

The whole Amsterdam is "shocked" by the discovery of a severed head on Amstelveenseweg on Wednesday morning, Mayor Eberhard van der Laan said in a short statement before the start of the general council meeting on Wednesday. Given the gruesome discovery, the mayor decided to immediately close shisha lounge Fayrouz, in front of which the head was found

Mar 9 '16 11:29

The decapitated body and severed head found in diferent parts of Amsterdam this week, belong to 23-year-old Amsterdam resident Nabil Amzieb. He had previous run-ins with the law and was known to the police

Mar 9 '16 09:02

A severed head was discovered on Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam on Wednesday morning. The head was placed in a bucket, which was turned to face the Fayrouz Lounge. The police are at the scene.

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Mar 8 '16 12:12

A body was found in a burning vehicle in Amsterdam on Tuesday morning. The dark colored Volkswagen Caddy stood parked on Mijehof in Zuidoost, according to the police. The car had no licence plates.

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