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Logo of political party 50PLUS (Source: Wikimedia/Silver Spoon)
May 15 '18 11:10

Seven of the eight members of 50Plus' board of directors resigned on Monday night. Only secretary Hylke ten Cate is still in office. According to the party, a conflict arose about the management style and working methods of a number of board members, NOS reports.

The management crisis started when director Marianne Fennema said on Monday night that she did not agree with the board's working method under the leadership of chairman Jan Zoetelief. After her email, the other board members announced their resignation. Zoetelief was then forced to also resign.

Jun 17 '15 18:03

Chairman of the Board of Directors at Blokker, Roland Palmer, is stepping down due to a disagreement with the Board, the company announced in a press release. He will continue his career outside of Blokker.

May 26 '15 10:16

The number of women with senior management positions in the Netherlands is on the rise. This is according to a study done among almost 250 Dutch companies that signed the so-called Charter Talent to the Top, RTL Nieuws reports.

Mar 31 '15 10:18

ABN Amro has "insufficient understanding" of the other positions and personal interest of its own board. The rules to prevent insider trading by the directors are also not in order. Only in the course of this year the bank hopes to meet the requirements set by the supervisor to prevent the mixing of private interests and the interests of the bank.

Sep 11 '14 15:53

The proportion of women sitting on company boards in the Netherlands has increased by 1.5 percent compared to 2013, but remains dramatically short of the government's 30-percent target. At the current rate, it will take 14 years for corporate boards to consist of at least 30 percent women, a milestone the Dutch government wants to reach by 2016.

Feb 18 '14 14:23

Roba Metals from IJsselstein withdrew as a candidate for the takeover of aluminum company Aldel, announced Aldel's curator, Henk Eshuis. The offer the company made was too low and had too many conditions attached.

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