Board for the Protection of Human Rights

Sep 13 '16 12:00

Pregnant women and young mothers still deal with discrimination in the work place, but only one in seven of them actually report it t their employer or union. This is because they don't expect any result from filing a complaint, according to a study by TNS NIPO among a thousand pregnant women between March 2012 and March 2016

Malik Azmani
Jul 28 '16 09:52

The VVD wants to double the current naturalization period for immigrants. That means that an immigrant would have to live in the Netherlands for 10 years, instead of the current five, before being granted a Dutch passport, VVD parliamentarian Malik Azmani said in an interview with Dutch newspaper Trouw on Thursday.

Feb 18 '16 11:35

The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights ruled in favor of a 25-year-old gay student from Groningen who filed a case after being rejected for an internship at a Christian agricultural supply center because he was openly gay. According to the Board, this is discrimination and therefore illegal.

asylum seekers
Feb 15 '16 17:15

Criticism from the National Ombudsman and Board for the Protection of Human Rights on the conditions in large asylum centers such as the Heumensoord camp in Nijmegen, has many calling for smaller-scale shelters. But according to Marlou Schrover, professor of migration history at Leiden University, small asylum centers come with their own set of problems and are not a realistic option.

Feb 15 '16 10:26

Hundreds of asylum seekers are expected to march from the Heumensoord asylum camp to the Nijmegen town hall on Monday to express their discontent about conditions in the tent camp

Feb 10 '16 07:34

In the future asylum seekers should not be sheltered in a large tent camp such as the Heumensoord camp in Nijmegen, according to the Board for the protection of Human Rights and the National Ombudsman. The massive tent camp with nearly 3 thousand residents has too little privacy, meaningful activities and living expenses, which is harmful to the asylum seekers health and safety, the two institutions concluded in a report following a visit to the camp

Nov 4 '14 11:43

According to the Board for the Protection of Human Rights, the public Prof. Kohnstamm school in Utrecht may celebrate Sinterklaas with Zwarte Piet in the classroom this year.

Gender Symbols (Source: Wikimedia)
Aug 22 '14 16:04

The Board for the Protection of Human Rights in Utrecht ruled that insurers must not calculate injury compensation for young women differently that for young men, as this would be discrimination.

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