Jun 15 '16 09:14

No extra measures will be taken against online sex advertisements in public areas - they will not be banned or removed, Minister Ard van der Steur of Security and Justice said in response to questions from SGP leader Kees van der Staaij

Vladimir Putin
May 29 '15 09:29

Three Dutch parliamentarians appear on a Russian list of people from the European Union that are no longer allowed to enter the country.

Hell's Angels
May 14 '15 12:57

Zuid-Limburg is stepping up its battle against outlaw motorcycle gangs. Maastricht Mayor and head of the safety office Onno Hoes announced that they plan to ban the various chapters individually.

Feyenoord-Liege fight
May 7 '15 18:42

The city of Rotterdam banned the Eredivisie match between Rotterdam Feyenoord and SBV Vitesse scheduled on Sunday, the Dutch football association KNVB reported on Thursday. Police in a tenuous contract negotiation with the Ministry of Security and Justice planned a short strike on Sunday, refusing to guard the event.

Apr 30 '15 14:23

State Secretary Wilma Mansveld of Infrastructure and the Environent is banning the sale of Baby Rockets and Roman Candles to individuals. These fireworks cause many injuries each new years, especially to eyes, and Mansveld hopes to reduce these casualties.

Apr 30 '15 12:30

From May 1st, people who cause trouble on stations will be banned from the station and its accompanying facilities, such as platforms, stairs, tunnels and elevators. State Secretary Wilma Mansveld has rushed the implementation of this exclusion order to help counteract the recent violent incidents in public transport.

Mar 17 '15 13:44

The D66 wants to ban all diesel vehicles that are older than 8 years from the whole of Rotterdam, starting in a year and a half, De Gelderlander reports.

Beer Bike (Source: Wikimedia/PPyland)
Mar 5 '15 10:42

Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan has given beer bike operators one more summer to show that they can minimize the inconvenience caused by this transport method. The mayor wrote this in a letter to the board committee Centrum, AT5 reports.

Mar 3 '15 14:13

The Cabinet has agreed with State Secretary Wilma Mansveld's (Infrastructure and Environment) proposal to ban asbestos roofs in the Netherlands from 2024. This means that the owners of buildings with asbestos roofing must remove it before then.

Jan 20 '15 21:49

There should be a ban on pimps to reduce the exploitation of prostitutes, says the socially conservative political party ChristenUnie. Pimps regulate prostitution and take a part of the prostitutes' money, they claim. They are oftentimes not punishable by law and there should be a bill changing that, the party suggests.

Dec 15 '14 12:14

The Council of Ministers has agreed with State Secretary Dijksma's proposal to ban the use of wild mammals in circuses. They aim to have the ban take effect in September 2015.

Nov 17 '14 12:45

It is expected that the European Commission will today announce protective measures to contain the bird flu outbreak in Utrecht yesterday.

Broiler chicken
Nov 16 '14 17:14

A positive test for bird flu has led the Dutch government to ban the transportation of all poultry products nationwide, the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced Sunday. The ban affects the distribution of poultry, eggs, poultry manure and used bedding from poultry farms, and similar items are banned from mixed farms.

KLM Cityhopper
Jul 23 '14 10:41

KLM is joining other big international airlines to stop all flights to Israel for the time being after a rocket came down very close to the airport in Israel's capital Tel Aviv.

Israeli flag
Jun 11 '14 08:46

Dutch football association KNVB must pay a €1 million fine for every match in which the association neglects to counteract any incidents of anti-Semitic chants from fans. This has been demanded by the Foundation for the Fight against Anti-Semitism before the judge in Utrecht last Friday, the Algemeen Dagblad reports.

Apr 25 '14 10:53

In the municipality of Tilburg, motorcycle gangs are no longer allowed to wear their colors. The leather jackets with the gang logo or insignia on the back are banned from the 1st of May.

Computer keyboard
Apr 10 '14 13:35

The cabinet has put a direct ban on downloading material such as films, series or music from illegal sources, as announced by the ministry of Justice.

Apr 2 '14 15:45

Deurne's mayor Hiko Mak has reversed the ban on gatherings and demonstrations on Wednesday. The municipality states that the peace is starting to come back, and that the need for the measure is no longer present, Het Parool reports.

Apr 1 '14 08:32

The wife of the jewelry store owner who was burgled in Deurne on Friday evening did not have a weapons license according to head officer of justice Bart Niewenhuizen in an announcement on Monday. It is also still unclear if it was her who shot the gun.

Dec 11 '13 04:31

Thirteen Dutch exporters of dairy products may no longer export products to Russia, starting late next week. This was decided by the Russian Inspection Rosselchoznadzor after checking the companies.

Nov 19 '13 04:33

The Healthcare Inspectorate wants a physician from Oss, convicted for possession of child pornography in 2007, to be permanently banned from pursuing his profession.

May 3 '13 14:27

From the 1st of July 2014 people won’t be allowed to smoke throughout the hospitality industry. Secretary of the State of Public Health, Martin van Rijn, said this. He hopes for a stronger social norm because there is not much money for monitoring.

Apr 12 '13 17:54

District Zuidoost of the city of Amsterdam wants to get rid of drinking men hanging around on the streets. District Mayor Tjeerd Herrema announced that he wants to develop a program similar to programs for drug addicts to address alcohol abuse, together with the GGD, the Dutch municipal health organization for preventive healthcare.


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