Badr Hari

Badr Hari
Jan 16 '20 16:50

Kickboxer Badr Hari may represent the Netherlands as a boxer at the Olympic Games in Tokyo later this year. The Dutch boxing union NBB asked the 35-year-old kickboxer whether he'd be open to this adventure, and Hari has shown interest, according to the Telegraaf. 

Hari is currently under contract with martial arts organization Glory. If he decides to go for Tokyo 2020, the organization will have to give him at least a few months off. The parties involved still have to negotiate on this front, the newspaper writes. 

Badr Hari
Jan 30 '19 09:00

Badr Hari was caught doping. The Doping Authority found traces of the banned substance in the 34-year-old kick boxer's urine after his comeback victory against Hesdy Gerges last year, Nieuwsuur reports. The former world champion now faces suspension for up to four years. 

Badr Hari
Feb 7 '17 13:55

On Tuesday the Supreme Court sentenced kickboxer Badr Hari to two years in prison, 10 months conditionally suspended. The Dutch kickboxer was found guilty of various assaults, including that of now deceased businessman Koen Everink at Sensation White in Amsterdam in 2012. After Hari's time in custody is subtracted from the sentence, he still has to spend about 6 months in jail, reports.

Nov 11 '16 15:55

The surviving family of businessman Koen Everink filed a lawsuit in an Utrecht court on Wednesday demanding just over 26 thousand euros from Mark de J. De J. was arrested on March 24 at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam on suspiscion of stabbing Everink to death at Everink's Bilthoven home.

Mar 25 '16 16:14

Tennis coach Mark de J. was officially named a suspect in the murder of businessman Koen Everink, the public prosecutor revealed on Friday. A court in Utrecht will hear arguments on Saturday about the detention of De J., a tennis coach arrested earlier in the week at Schiphol Airport.

Mar 8 '16 15:18

Police investigating the death of businessman Koen Everink revealed that he was stabbed before he was found dead in his home on March 4. A major investigation into the homicide was launched after forensic detectives collected an extensive amount of trace evidence.

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Mar 4 '16 11:02

A dead body was found in a house in Bilthoven registered to business man Koen Everink, the man assaulted by kickboxer Badr Hari. The house is located on Hoflaan in Bilthoven

Badr Hari
Jan 20 '16 10:39

Kickboxer Badr Hari's sister Houda passed away after a long illness. Hari announced her death on Instagram.

Badr Hari
Oct 30 '15 14:40

Businessman Koen Everink was unnerved and disappointed to hear that his attacker, kickboxer Badr Hari, will only spend another seven or eight months in prison. On Thursday the court sentenced him to two years in prison, 10 months of which conditionally suspended. As Hari has been in custody for about 6 months, the effective sentence amounts to only approximately seven months.

Badr Hari
Oct 29 '15 17:30

An Amsterdam appellate court re-sentenced former K-1 heavyweight champion Badr Hari to a 24-month prison term of which 10 months will be a conditional probation period. The prison term is for a series of convictions for violent crimes, including the aggravated assault of Koen Everink during the 2012 edition of Sensation White at the Amsterdam ArenA, the court stated Thursday.

Badr Hari
Sep 21 '15 12:26

Badr Hari's lawyer, Benedicte Ficq, has decided to stop defending the kickboxer with immediate effect, citing that the decisions were made "for her own reasons".

Badr Hari
Sep 18 '15 15:07

Benedicte Ficq, the lawyer representing kickboxer Badr Hari in the appeal against his sentence in the assault case against him, thinks that Hari has systematically been convicted as guilty in the media and on social media.

Badr Hari
Sep 16 '15 13:22

Kickboxer Badr Hari apologized in court to business man Koen Everink during the second day of the appeal in the criminal case against him. But for Everink this apology is not sufficient to compensate the damage. The Public Prosecutor had demanded a three year unconditional prison sentence against Hari.

Badr Hari
Sep 15 '15 14:23

Badr Hari appeared in the court in Amsterdam on Tuesday for the appeal against his sentence for a series of aggravated assaults. Just like in his trial last year, the kick-boxer largely invoked his right to remain silent. He only spoke up once to say that he did not assault one man.

Yassine Hari
Dec 4 '14 19:13

Yassin Hari, younger brother of kick-boxer Badr Hari, is being tried for perjury and assault in the court of Amsterdam. The prosecution seeks a sentence of six months imprisonment for the 26-year old.

Sep 8 '14 15:37

Badr Hari's younger brother, Yassine, will appear before the court in Amsterdam on September 18th for committing perjury in the trail against Badr, Volkskrant reports.

Badr Hari
Apr 22 '14 09:37

While he is presenting his biography at the American Hotel, debt collectors will be using the opportunity to hand Badr Hari an envelope with an official demand for €5800 in unpaid traffic fines, de Telegraaf reports.

Badr Hari
Feb 21 '14 19:40

Immediately after the Amsterdam court passed its sentence against kick boxer Badr Hari, Friday, the Public Prosecution announced to appeal the decision. Hari's lawyers, Bénédicte Ficq and Marnix van der Werf, announced they would study the verdict over the next two weeks and then decide whether they will also appeal the sentence.

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Feb 21 '14 15:24

Kick boxer Badr Hari has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for aggravated assault; six months are conditional.

Badr Hari
Feb 21 '14 15:20

Amsterdam-based professional kickboxer has repeatedly found himself on the wrong side of the law in the years leading up to his sentencing hearing today in Amsterdam. A judge in one of the city's courtrooms handed Hari an 18-month prison sentence, of which six months may be suspended, for his role in the assault of Koen Everink at the July 2012 Sensation White party in the Amsterdam ArenA.

Badr Hari
Feb 21 '14 08:51

Kickboxing champion Badr Hari will hear today if he will be able to continue his fighting career.

Badr Hari
Jan 28 '14 04:33

On the last day of Badr Hari's trial he made his closing statement, promising the court he would never be back. Hari stands trial for 9 violations, including a series of assaults in the Amsterdam nightlife scene, businessman Koen Everinks assault in the ArenA being the worst.

Jan 25 '14 04:31

The round-up of some of this week's most noteworthy events and news stories features tiny bats crossing the sea from the United Kingdom to Europe, Badr Hari's attempted murder case continues and the kick box-champion is up for a four-year prison term, the body of a St. Maarten man found floating in Schiehaven in Rotterdam, the European Space Agency sending a wake-up call to its comet-chasing spacecraft, and a 14-year-old Reigersbos student accidentally shooting and killing himself.

Badr Hari
Jan 22 '14 21:58

Kick boxer Badr Hari heard a 4-year-sentence of which one year probation against him in the Amsterdam court, Wednesday, during his trial for eight cases of abuse and one traffic violation.


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