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Stolen baby formula seized in Rotterdam and The Hague during a police action against mobile bandidtry, May 2018
May 22 '18 07:41

Last week the police arrested over 100 people in a nationwide campaign against so-called 'mobile banditry' - gangs of criminals that travel from place to place to commit crimes. The detainees include shoplifters, baby formula thieves, pickpockets, drug traffickers, identity thieves and even a fake cop, the police said in a statement on Monday night.

The nationwide action was held between Tuesday and Friday last week. Multiple people were arrested at Amsterdam Central Station for pickpocketing, or attempts thereto. 

Jan 15 '18 11:00

French baby formula producer Lactalis is recalling over 12 million packages of its baby formula from stores in a total of 83 countries, including the Netherlands, due to concerns that the products may be contaminated with salmonella. "This is a preventative recall, worldwide and also from the Netherlands", a spokesperson for Lactalis said to AD.

Aug 16 '17 11:00

Albert Heijn re-implemented measures in the sale of baby formula as the demand is increasing again. According to the supermarket, traders across the country are buying up Nutrilon 1 to 5 and shipping the formula to China, NOS reports.

Albert Heijn branches are therefore limiting the purchase of formula to two cans per customer. Baby formula can also only be bought at the service desk - there is a note on the shelves telling customers to go to the desk for baby formula. The supermarket chain hopes that this will ensure that the product is always available to Dutch customers. 

May 25 '16 09:18

The Chinese demand for baby formula from the Netherlands seems to finally be slowing down. Stores are reporting fewer professional buyers and parents can once again easily find formula on the shelves

Apr 1 '16 12:10

Danone is making Nutrilon baby formula available to the Chinese market. The popular baby milk powder will be sold with a Dutch label via online platform Tmall Global,

Feb 24 '16 11:15

A YouTube prank in which two Dutch young men throw baby formula onto unsuspecting Asian people on the Amsterdam streets, is turning into an international quarrel. Chinese state media Xinhua asked the Chinese embassy in The Hague to take appropriate measures, and the embassy is no looking towards the Dutch politicians, blog GeenStijl reports.

Baby formula thrown at Chinese
Jan 26 '16 10:16

A prank video in which two young Dutch men throw cans of baby formula powder over unsuspecting Asian people on the Amsterdam streets, led to fierce criticism and claims of racism from internet commenters on Monday.

Dec 21 '15 13:40

The police arrested a 54 year old man and a 41 year old woman from Roosendaal with a car containing 250 cans of baby formula powder at the Westerschelde tunnel toll plaza in Borsesele on Saturday night.

Officers first noticed the heavily loaded car driving through the Westerschelde tunnel towards Zuid-Beveland around 8:00 p.m. on Saturday. The car was pulled over at the toll plaza and officers found the 250 cans of baby formula. The man and woman in the car claimed that they bought the formula, but could not show receipts.

Nov 25 '15 14:10

A fourth suspect was arrested in the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority's investigation into fraudulent baby formula labels. The other three suspects, arrested on November 10th, will remain in custody for another 30 days.

Oct 12 '15 09:11

Baby formula manufacturer Nutricia is increasing the European production of formula Nutrilon by 50 million packs per year in an effort to counteract the shortages in stores caused by Chinese hoarding. This will be done through a new production line in Germany and will about double the supply in the Netherlands

Jul 24 '15 08:49

Nutrica wants baby formula to only be sold from behind the service counters of stores and no longer be available on the shelves. This is another measure to try and stop the ever increasing theft of the baby milk powder.

Jul 23 '15 11:51

A photo of an Asian man loading boxes full of Nutrilon baby formula into his car at the back door of the Etos branch on Burchtplein in Etten-Leur has raised some awkward questions for the drug store, especially since the drugstore has a policy of one can per customer.

Jun 25 '15 12:20

The police discovered a large amount of baby formula as well as a large amount of cash in a van on the A12 near Zevenaar. The two men in the van, both German aged 35 and 44 years, were arrested

Jun 23 '15 09:23

There is a growing number of crimes related to baby formula in the Netherlands. Breda in particular seems to be the staging ground of these crimes, with at least three baby formula traders being robbed this year. The police believe that there are more victims who are afraid to report the crim

Jun 17 '15 09:41

The police have arrested two people on suspicion of involvement in counterfeiting baby formula labels. The arrests form part of an ongoing investigation.

May 5 '15 14:00

The police found a large amount of baby milk powder on Monday in the Hague after chasing three men who had broken into several storage areas. The three managed to escape.

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