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Apr 28 '14 11:26

Three Somali pirates who were detained in the Indian Ocean in 2011 were released on Friday and were then admitted to an alien detention center where they await the decision about their request for asylum.

Fred Teeven
Apr 14 '14 11:23

The so-called 'child pardon' has given 675 young asylum seekers residence permits. This regulation also allows 775 family members to stay in The Netherlands. This is stated in the yearly report from the Immigration and Naturalization Service, which Trouw has access to.

Apr 3 '14 08:24

A group of Iraqis who have been denied asylum in The Netherlands are squatting in front of the doors of the refugee organization VluchtelingenWerk Nederland on the Surinameplein in Amsterdam.

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Feb 10 '14 11:54

Within the PvdA, a renewed protest has erupted over the Immigration Policy of state secretary Fred Teeven (VVD, Asylum).

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Jan 30 '14 15:09

VVD MP Malik Azmani drew the ire from the opposition today when he suggested to more often detain asylum seekers who were denied, but refuse to leave.

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Jan 23 '14 18:44

Secretary of State for Justice and Security Fred Teeven has adjusted the policies regarding asylum seekers from Somalia.

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Dec 2 '13 04:38

A large part of the group of asylum seekers, known as the Flight Church Group, accepted an offer, late Friday, for accommodation in a former prison in Amsterdam, announced Gerhard Scholte of the task force of the Amsterdam Refugee Council of Churches Saturday.

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Nov 29 '13 04:32

The refugees of the activist group 'Wij zijn hier' ('We are here'), who have been roaming the Amsterdam streets for over a year now, will not accept the new location for a reception center, proposed by the City.

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Nov 20 '13 04:30

The medical professionals who cared for the Georgian girl, Renate, who was sent back to Poland in November 2012, did not make any mistakes

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Nov 1 '13 17:58

In a preliminary ruling on Thursday, the Council of Europe’s Committee of Social Rights said the Netherlands should not reject asylum seekers and other foreigners until a final ruling.

Fred Teeven
Jun 19 '13 08:58

Only aggressive and criminal asylum seekers will end up in jail behind bars. The other asylum seekers stay in an open door prison or must report regularly.

This is written in the vision on the future of detention of foreigners of State Secretary Fred Teeven (Security and Justice). The plan now goes to the Cabinet, he told the Volkskrant. With this future approach, the VVD Minister meets an explicit wish of coalition partner PvdA.


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