Aug 3 '15 13:29

The police arrested five men and three women in the early hours of Monday morning in Rotterdam after an officer saw one of them threatening another with a firearm. A warning shot was fired during the arrest.

Aug 3 '15 10:38

The police arrested an armed fugitive in Nijmegen on Sunday. The man had escaped from a locked mental health institution in Vught last week.

Police sign
Aug 3 '15 10:25

Police officers shot a suspect in a "threatening situation on Bulgerstein in Amsterdam on Sunday afternoon.

Aug 3 '15 10:14

A truck driver discovered 12 undocumented migrants hiding in his truck on Saturday.

Jul 30 '15 13:39

The police arrested a woman in Almere on Wednesday night for driving under the influence with eight children in the car.

Jul 30 '15 13:28

A Dutch criminal was one of two people injured in a shooting in Barcelona on Tuesday. Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia reported on Thursday that one victim is a 26 year old Dutchman that is on the international wanted list.

Ajax Club
Jul 30 '15 09:49

The Austrian police arrested 10 Ajax fans at the match between Rapid Wien and Ajax in the qualifying round of the Champions league in Vienna on Wednesday.

Jul 29 '15 16:00

On Tuesday the police arrested a 35 year old man in Bergen op Zoom on suspicion of money laundering and participation in a criminal drug organization. This drug organization is believed to be one of the two that were involved in the assassination of 37 year old Lithuanian man Gintas Macionis in Huijbergen on February 22nd last year.

Police sign
Jul 29 '15 13:57

The police have taken a 52 year old Amsterdam resident into custody for questioning in connection with the explosion in Staatsliedenbuurt early on Wednesday morning

The explosion happened around 05:00 a.m. on Fannius Scholtenstraat. No one was injured, but three parked cars, a number of bicycles, and several homes were damaged. The police closed off the area for a trace evidence investigation.

Jul 29 '15 12:57

A 39 year old Romanian man was arrested at Eindhoven Airport on Monday afternoon. He was carrying 39 cell phones, believed to have been stolen at the Tommorowland festival in Belgium.

2008 BMW M3 E92 in Dutch police livery
Jul 28 '15 11:57

A man was run off the road and assaulted on the A73 in Roermond on Thursday night. Acquaintances of a 12 year old girl found out that the man had arranged a meeting with the girl through social media and decided to take matters into their own hands, according to the police.

Jul 27 '15 15:59

Escaped convict Ali Benhadi has been found. He was arrested Spain on Sunday, the police announced on Monday. The Public Prosecutor will negotiate his extradition with the Spanish authorities.

Police sign
Jul 27 '15 15:01

The missing 13 year old girl from Spijkenisse has been found. According to the police, she is in good health and doing well. A 41 year old man has been arrested in connection with her disappearance.

Jul 27 '15 14:25

The police arrested a disturbed 45 year old man from Amsterdam on Sunday afternoon for making the emergency services in Arnhem and Hoevelaken respond to two fake emergencies.

Jul 24 '15 11:28

The police arrested a German man in Roosendaal on Thursday afternoon after finding almost 140 thousand euros in the trunk of his car.

Jul 24 '15 10:15

The police arrested another five suspects this week in connection with the riots in Schilderswijk, The Hague after the death of Aruban man Mitch Henriquez late last month.

Jul 23 '15 14:08

A car thief caused a considerable amount of havoc in Hooglanderveen on Thursday after causing an accident with a train.

Jul 22 '15 12:50

The Koninklijke Marechaussee arrested a 29 year old man on Schiphol on suspicion of sending threatening and extorting emails in which he threatened to set off explosives at several locations in the Netherlands in the name of terrorist organization Islamic State

Jul 22 '15 10:35

A police officer shot a suspect in Uithoorn on Tuesday night after the suspect stabbed another officer during an arrest.

Jul 22 '15 09:57

"Incidents wit an emphatic racist undertone increasingly occur in the Netherlands and also within the police force of Almere. This trend must be stopped immediately." reads a letter given to Almere Mayor Annemarie Jorritsma from representatives of the African and Surinamese community in the Netherlands.

Jul 21 '15 15:34

Two girls, aged 13 and 14 years, were arrested in Uden on Tuesday morning on suspicion of robbing and threatening a 15 year old girl from Been en Donk with a knife.

Jul 21 '15 14:51

The Koninklijke Marechaussee, Royal Military Police, arrested a 43 year old man on Schiphol Airport for an outstanding fine of nearly 158 thousand euros

Jul 21 '15 13:49

The police and Public Prosecutor discovered an "unprecedented amount" of firearms in a warehouse in Nieuwegein last week, the Public Prosecutor announced on Tuesday.

Jul 20 '15 15:33

Three police officers were injured while arresting an aggressive man in Amsterdam on Monday morning. Their injuries are not serious. The suspect was not hurt.


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