Jul 21 '15 13:49

The police and Public Prosecutor discovered an "unprecedented amount" of firearms in a warehouse in Nieuwegein last week, the Public Prosecutor announced on Tuesday.

Jul 20 '15 15:33

Three police officers were injured while arresting an aggressive man in Amsterdam on Monday morning. Their injuries are not serious. The suspect was not hurt.

Jul 17 '15 13:54

On Wednesday the police raided a house on Pleinweg in Rotterdam and found six firearms, including three automatic firearms, and a quantity of ammunition. The firearms and ammunition was seized. Two men were arrested.

Jul 16 '15 13:24

A 72 year old man died shortly after being arrested on Tuesday night. An autopsy on his body revealed that he died of natural causes - he had a heart attack.

Police sign
Jul 16 '15 11:06

The police arrested four men in Ommen on Wednesday for importing hard drugs from South America. A substantial amount of cocaine was discovered in a container on the industrial estate De Strangen.

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Jul 16 '15 08:26

A police officer was stabbed in a brawl on Marco Pololaan in Utrecht on Wednesday night. The officer was injured in his hand. Five people have been arrested.

Burglar hand holding crowbar break opening door
Jul 15 '15 11:55

A 27 year old woman from Ede was arrested in Croatia, at the request of the Dutch police, on June 21st in connection with a burglary in De Wijk in 2012. She was arrested based on a DNA match.

Jul 15 '15 09:37

Three more young people have been arrested in connection with the police officer being stabbed in Leerdam during the early hours of Sunday morning.

Jul 13 '15 09:23

A 17 year old boy was arrested in Leerdam during the early hours of Sunday morning for stabbing a police officer in the hand and back.

Jul 10 '15 10:43

The police have arrested another 4 suspects in connection with the riots in Schilderswijk, the Hague last week. A total of 250 people have now been arrested.

Jul 9 '15 11:45

Ugur Demir was arrested at Schiphol airport on Tuesday on suspicion of being involved in a fatal shooting at a busy restaurant in Rotterdam in September last year. According to the police, the 20 year old man turned himself in to the Koninklijke Marechaussee, royal military police, after arriving at the airport from Turkey.

Police sign
Jul 8 '15 15:15

On Tuesday the police broke up a chat-scam scheme and arrested 4 suspects on suspicion of theft, fraud and money laundering.

Jul 8 '15 13:50

The police found more than 30 weapons in an Amsterdam home on Saturday after arresting two Amsterdam residents during a traffic check, the police announced on Wednesday.

Jul 8 '15 11:58

The police performed raids at several locations in Venlo and in Grubbenvorst, Germany as part of an investigation into the the international trade and possession of narcotics. Five people were arrested

Jul 8 '15 09:06

A shooting incident in Brabant on Tuesday night left one man dead and another in custody. The shooting happened just before 8:00 p.m. at the caravan camp on Boekweit in The Bolle Akkers neighborhood in Sint-Oedenrode.

Jul 7 '15 12:55

The police arrested two Polish men after a high speed chase on Monday. Both men are suspected of diesel theft. The 50 year old driver is also accused of dangerous driving.

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Jul 7 '15 11:32

A motorist ran over three people with his car in a park on Thomaslaan in Eindhoven on Monday night.

Police sign
Jul 6 '15 13:52

The police arrested a total of 39 people, most of them young people, in Holwerd, Friesland this weekend for trying to travel to Ameland with drugs.

Jul 6 '15 11:30

The police arrested a 29 year old, half naked man on the station in Arnhem on Saturday for headbutting a conductor.

Jul 3 '15 16:25

The police arrested Darko T., who is suspected of being a gang member of a notorious Serbian drug organization, in Amsterdam-West on Thursday night, the Public Prosecutor announced on Friday.

Police sign
Jul 3 '15 15:10

The police arrested a 44 year old man from The Hague on Thursday. He is suspected of repeatedly raping an 85 year old woman in her home on Isabellaland in The Hague.

Jul 3 '15 13:55

The police arrested not 100 but 200 people in The Hague on Thursday night for breaking the ban on assembly, the Public Prosecutor confirmed

Jul 3 '15 09:00

About 100 people were arrested in Schilderswijk, The Hague on Thursday night for breaking the assembly ban. The arrests were made on Hobbemaplein, where the riot police trapped the assembled crowd and then cleared the square, ANP reports.

Jul 2 '15 11:46

The police arrested 34 people during the third night of rioting in Schilderswijk, The Hague on Wednesday night.


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