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Aug 17 '15 11:11

Two Dutchmen were arrested on suspicion of human trafficking after 25 undocumented migrants were found hiding in a yacht in the port of IJmuiden on Saturday

Aug 14 '15 11:01

A 43 year old man was arrested in Drachten on suspicion of involvement in the murder of his ex-girlfriend during the course of Thursday night.

Aug 14 '15 10:48

At least 10 football fans are turning to legal action to demand compensation for being, according to them, wrongfully arrested after riots on the Korenmarkt in Arnhem last week.

Aug 13 '15 11:10

The police arrested a 33 year old Rotterdam man on Monday, August 3rd, after a DNA match connected him to a taxi robbery in Hellevoetsluis in December last year.

Aug 13 '15 10:54

A 25 year old man was arrested in Eindhoven on Tuesday night on suspicion of human trafficking after a wounded woman was found on the street earlier that night.

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Aug 13 '15 10:35

The Brazilian police discovered 279.6 kilograms of cocaine hidden in a barn in Guaruja, Sao Paulo on Tuesday. They believe the drugs were meant for Amsterdam.

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Aug 12 '15 10:26

The 48 year old man from Heemskerk who was caught with a sailboat full of cocaine in Brazilian waters early this month, has a long history of smuggling. Raymond K., also known as Captain Coke, has been arrested at least 10 times before

Aug 11 '15 13:57

A robber was arrested in The Hague on Monday morning after he accidentally walked by a police station and a witness recognized him. The 29 year old man is suspected of being involved in a violent robbery a short time earlier.

Aug 11 '15 13:12

A Dutchman was arrested in Brazil early this month for smuggling more than 600 kilograms of cocaine into the country. He could face a prison sentence of between five and 20 years. Local authorities are calling the largest drug bust in the history of the region

Aug 11 '15 08:52

British fugitive Patrick Adams was arrested in Amsterdam on Friday. His wife Constance was also arrested

Aug 10 '15 14:20

Django, a six year old police dog, was seriously injured in the arrest of a aggressive, disturbed man in Uithoorn on Sunday night.

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Aug 10 '15 11:56

The police intercepted a cannabis transport in Tilburg on Saturday afternoon. About 5 kilograms of cannabis was confiscated and two men were arrested for violating the Opium Act.

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Aug 10 '15 10:15

Two casinos in Almere and Venray were robbed during the early hours of Sunday morning. One suspect was arrested in connection with the robbery in Almere.

Aug 10 '15 09:04

A 29 year old man was arrested in The Hague on Saturday following a ADO fan protest. The man was arrested for gross insult and shouting antisemitic slogans during the protest march, the police announced on Sunday. The Public Prosecutor is investigating the antisemitic slogans shouted by ADO supporters.

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Aug 10 '15 08:46

The police fired shots in three separate incidents in Rotterdam-Zuid, Vlaardingen and Zeist during the early hours of Monday morning. One suspect was injured in the leg and taken to the hospital.

Aug 4 '15 14:52

The police arrested 14 pickpockets from Poland, Romania and the Netherlands during the Amsterdam Gay Pride, which took place between July 25th and August 2nd this year. So far 155 people reported a pickpocket crime during that week.

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Aug 4 '15 13:47

A 34 year old woman was shot multiple times at the entrance of a business complex on Zuidplein in Rotterdam where she works. The perpetrator fled in the direction of Strevelsweg.

Aug 4 '15 12:26

The police arrested 19 people in the Amsterdam Red Light District on Monday night after two fights between Ajax and Rapid Wien supporters.

Aug 4 '15 12:07

An armed robber was overpowered and beaten in Amsterdam on Monday afternoon after he robbed the Albert Heijn store on Pieter Calandlaan with a knife.

Aug 3 '15 16:28

Amsterdam is a top candidate to be the host city of EuroPride 2016 - the European wide gay pride festival. The Amsterdam Gay Pride canal parade took place on Saturday, with 80 boats participating. The municipality called the event the "most visited in years", and in certain places the police even had to tell people to go somewhere else to watch the parade because it was too busy.

Aug 3 '15 13:29

The police arrested five men and three women in the early hours of Monday morning in Rotterdam after an officer saw one of them threatening another with a firearm. A warning shot was fired during the arrest.

Aug 3 '15 10:38

The police arrested an armed fugitive in Nijmegen on Sunday. The man had escaped from a locked mental health institution in Vught last week.

Police sign
Aug 3 '15 10:25

Police officers shot a suspect in a "threatening situation on Bulgerstein in Amsterdam on Sunday afternoon.

Aug 3 '15 10:14

A truck driver discovered 12 undocumented migrants hiding in his truck on Saturday.


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