Jul 30 '13 09:08

The Amsterdamse Bostheater (Forest Theater) features the summer show Cyrano, the popular play by French poet and dramatist Edmond Rostand.

Jul 30 '13 08:42

On Monday, a first Femen protest occured in the city of Amsterdam.

Jul 30 '13 04:34

Advocates of gay rights of Turkish, Moroccan, Surinamese and Antillean communities will sail along on the boat of the government during Gay Pride. Minister Jet Bussemaker of Emancipation wants to show that it is also okay for minorities to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

Jul 29 '13 08:51

Uber will launch a unique service called Uber Sloep for residents and visitors who prefer to travel through the city's waterways.

Jul 27 '13 03:22

July is almost over but more interesting news keeps coming. This week, we covered a couple of stories that highlighted Netherlands’ rich history and art. Let’s take a look back at some of the most up-to-date happenings that made it to our top popular stories this week.

Jul 26 '13 07:32

A group of young bicyclists are set to travel 350 miles from London to Amsterdam in memory of a Surbiton teacher who passed away at the age of 25 from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Jul 24 '13 09:52

800 guests were present at the Sea Owl’s delivery party in Amsterdam. The gathering featured the 62-meter Feadship Sea Owl being delivered to its owners held at the Maritime Museum.

Jul 24 '13 09:38

In response to the reports on the increasing accounts of surplus in bikes in Amsterdam, the city is denying such claims and insisting the number of bikes is normal.

Jul 23 '13 03:48

Three people have drowned on Monday in the Netherlands and lost their lives. That was reported by the various police regions.

In the Amsterdam at the IJburg district, a boy of 5 years disappeared under water. This happened at a beach on the Bert Haanstrakade. The victim was resuscitated and was taken to hospital in critical condition. There he died later in the afternoon.

A 17-year-old boy from Leeuwarden got in trouble in a natural water a little north of his hometown. He was removed from the water and resuscitated, but died shortly afterwards in the hospital.

Jul 23 '13 03:40

If the temperature rises above 28 degrees, the terraces in the center of Amsterdam may be allowed to expand.

Jul 22 '13 11:13

New electric buses from a Chinese manufacturer will roll onto Schiphol tarmac in about a year.

Jul 20 '13 08:00

Cycling around in busy traffic freaks you out? Fietscollege instructor Ruud van Es helps expats to integrate in Dutch culture by bike.

Jul 19 '13 15:15

During the Amsterdam Heritage days on the 14th of July residents and visitors of the Dutch city had the opportunity to visit some of Amsterdam's finest and hidden treasures. Amongst the wide offering of landmarks opened to the public and various walking tours was one tour with a special character. A walk through the city center to explore the hidden signs that refer to the slavery history in Amsterdam, a tour that will be repeated in English on Saturday, July 21.

Jul 19 '13 08:13

Tim Hetherington's first exhibition in the Netherlands opens at Foam in Amsterdam.

Jul 19 '13 04:51

In and around the new Coentunnel in Amsterdam, remarkably many accidents occur. Since the opening of the tunnel on May 13 there have been about 55 collisions in and directly at the tunnel, said the Traffic Information Service (VID) on Thursday.

In just over two months, a salvage vehicle had to be led  55 times to the tunnel area. According to the VID, this number is unexpectedly high. In 2010 the A16 at the  Terbregseplein was the place with the most collisions with 175 in a year.

Jul 18 '13 08:18

According to the GGD (Public Health Service) latest research, the total number of smokers in the Netherlands is declining while the figures in Amsterdam are climbing.

Jul 18 '13 08:05

Dutch designer Marcel Wanders’ one of a kind concept makes the Andaz Hotel in Amsterdam interesting. His creativity and imagination are evident in the designs of the walls, floors and the lights of the establishment.

Jul 18 '13 03:26

The ports of Amsterdam and IJmuiden welcome more and more cruise ships. In 2013, a total of 182 ocean cruise ships with an estimated 350,000 passengers will visit the Amsterdam port region. From these visiting cruise ships, 143 will visit the capital and 39 will visit IJmuiden.

Jul 17 '13 08:32

Dutch fashion is growing, according to Carlo Wijnands, program director of Amsterdam Fashion Week (AFW), which concluded yesterday.

Jul 12 '13 06:20

On July 11, the Feadship Sea Owl superyacht docked at the National Maritime Museum, in the heart of Amsterdam.

Jul 12 '13 02:50

Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum was revamped to give homage to its past.

Jul 11 '13 10:10

Dutch agency Natwerk installed tiny canal houses in-between buildings on an old street in Amsterdam.

Jul 11 '13 07:07

Based on the recent number of building projects in the country, hotel capacity will soon potentially add 10,000 rooms.

Jul 9 '13 08:38

Keagan Tait and Isaiah Emerson of Canada and other 11-year-olds will be staying in Amsterdam for a month, away from their parents, gadgets, and routines.


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