Amsterdam Zuidoost

Aug 16 '16 08:07

On Friday Anderson Munoz Marquinez was stabbed to death on Wisseloord in Gein, the 15th murder in Amsterdam this year. With that the murder count in the Dutch capital stands equal to the people murdered in the city in all of 2015

Jun 10 '16 16:05

The police arrested five Ghanaians in Amsterdam Zuidoost on Wednesday. They are suspected of stealing at least 40 thousand euros with online banking fraud

May 27 '16 10:30

Members of an Amsterdam drug gang that used crocodiles as "guard dogs" gave partial confessions to the police. This was revealed during a preliminary hearing in the case against nine suspects on Thursday

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May 11 '16 10:55

The victim of the fatal shooting in the Kikkenstein apartment building in Amsterdam Zuidoost on Monday morning was identified as 29 year old Abderrahim Belhadj, nickname Appie, the police announced.

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May 9 '16 16:05

Resident of the Kikkenstein apartment building in Amsterdam Zuidoost are shocked by the shooting that left one man dead in their building on Monday morning.

Apr 20 '16 12:32

The man gunned down in the doorway of the Kruitberg apartment building in Amsterdam Zuidoost last week, is 35 year old Carlos Miquelito Bonevacia, originally from Curacao and known as "Maiky" to his friends, the police revealed on Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday.

Apr 13 '16 08:38

One man was killed in a shooting in an apartment building in Amsterdam-Zuidoost on Tuesday night.

Waterlogged Porsche GT3 RS
Mar 30 '16 15:50

In an unfortunate accident a rare and extraordinarily expensive Porsche 911 GT3 RS ended up with its nose in the waters of the Oostwetering canal at the Porsche Center in Amsterdam. The sports car, wearing the classic light blue and orange Gulf racing livery, was just fitted with new decals when things went wrong. The car rolled off the ramp and right into the water, according to the Telegraaf.

Mar 11 '16 12:10

Homicide investigators in Amsterdam are turning to social media in the hopes of gathering more information about a gruesome murder in which a severed head was found on a city street, and the remaining body found inside a burning stolen van miles away. The death of 23-year-old Nabil Amzieb has been in the headlines for several days in the Netherlands, with the smoldering car found in Amsterdam Zuidoost on March 8, and Amzieb’s head was discovered outside a shisha lounge on Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam Zuid the next morning.

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Jan 8 '16 15:48

An Amsterdam man was arrested early Friday morning after driving at speeds of over 130 kilometers per hour through neighbourhood streets in the Zuidoost district. Police on patrol after a series of recent burglaries in the area spotted the driver allegedly racing at high speeds around 3 a.m.

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Nov 30 '15 12:25

Zwarte Piet protesters created a "frightening, threatening atmosphere" at the Reigerbos in Amsterdam Zuidoost mall during Sinterklaas arrival on Saturday, according to the shopkeepers' association in the area. The association now wants clarification from the district because the permit for the party did not give permission for a demonstration by Zwarte Piet opponents.

2008 BMW M3 E92 in Dutch police livery
Aug 3 '15 13:12

An attempt to issue a speeding ticket resulted in a high speed chase on the A10 highway and a passenger being left behind. The speeder and another passenger managed to escape on foot.

2008 BMW M3 E92 in Dutch police livery
Jul 9 '15 16:51

A 65 year old man spent the night tide up in a storeroom after three robbers overpowered him, assaulted him and robbed him in Amsterdam Zuidoost on Wednesday.

Jul 6 '15 11:55

Several men invaded a home in Eerste Kekerstraat in Amsterdam-Zuidoost around 1:00 p.m. on Sunday. They beat two residents with a hammer and fled with stolen items. The bloodied residents managed to get to their neighbors after the robbers had fled. Their injuries were treated at the scene

Jun 4 '15 11:22

Asbestos was released during a fire in a senior complex in Amsterdam-Zuidoost on Tuesday, housing corporation Stadgenoot announced after the measurements results came in on Wednesday night.

May 27 '15 12:12

The court in Amsterdam is expected to give a ruling in a very strange case next week. A thief in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost bit off the tip of a shopkeeper's finger after stealing a bottle of detergent.

May 27 '15 10:40

A German couple was robbed of 200 thousand euros in a hotel in Amsterdam in a home sale deal gone wrong.

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May 5 '15 11:49

Authorities are looking for leads in the murder of Siegmar Flaneur who was found shot at Leerdamhof in Amsterdam Zuidoost on February 11 2015.

Apr 14 '15 09:25

The failed asylum seekers who were evicted from the Vluchtgarage in Amsterdam Zuidoost yesterday, set up a tent camp in De Pijp. Only a small number of the asylum seekers made use of the overnight accommodation provided by the municipality.

Apr 13 '15 13:47

The asylum seekers that were evicted from the Vluchtgarage in Amsterdam Zuidoost this morning, marched towards the Stopera, chanting slogans like "We are not criminal" and "We are here", Het Parool reports. They are currently sitting on the ground on the Stopera.

Sleeping bag at Vluchtgarage asylum center
Apr 1 '15 11:48

The court of appeal in Amsterdam ruled that the failed asylum seekers currently staying in the Vluchtgarage in Amsterdam, may be evicted at any time, Het Parool reports. The rejected refugees occupied the building in December 2013 because they feel that the shelter offered by the city was not enough.

Ajax Club
Mar 13 '15 16:23

The three Ajax youth team players arrested Thursday for assaulting a female police officer were released from custody, the prosecutor said on Friday. The team has suspended the trio pending an internal investigation.

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Feb 17 '15 15:28

The street-level assassination of 60-year old Beyhan Demirci, who was shot while standing on her balcony, is possibly a case of mistaken identity, police revealed on Tuesday. The victim was shot by unidentified assailants standing on the street below in Amsterdam Nieuw-West on January 14th.

Feb 11 '15 16:26

Convicted criminal Siegmar Flaneur has been identified as the dead victim of the shooting in Amsterdam-Zuidoost overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday.


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