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Julianabrug crane collapse
Jun 20 '16 12:45

The Juliana Bridge in Alphen aan den Rijn is set to open for traffic on Monday afternoon - almost a year since a crane accident left a circle of destruction around the bridge

Jun 20 '16 07:55

Minister Edith Schippers of Public Health is planning a more effective approach to helping people with mental health problems. She wants all municipalities to come up with a good plan to personally help every mentally disturbed person in the Netherlands

May 18 '16 12:45

The Juliana Bridge in Alphen on den Rijn finally looks like a bridge again. A deck was successfully placed on the bridge on Wednesday morning

May 18 '16 09:15

Construction workers are attempting to place a new deck on the Koninging Juliana Bridge in Alphen aan den Rijn on Wednesday. This is the second attempt to do so.

Apr 22 '16 15:40

A large number of police officers responded to Burgemeester Visserpark in Alphen aan den Rijn on Friday morning after reports of a boy walking around with a gun. The young man and the gun were both part of a school prank. The weapon - a real, but disabled revolver, was confiscated, according to the police.

Apr 11 '16 13:45

Alphen aan den Rijn commemorated the 5th anniversary of a mass shooting in a mall in the city. On April 9th, 2011 Tristan van der Vlis opened fire in the Ridderhof mall, killing six people and injuring 16 others, before committing suicide.

Mar 22 '16 12:36

The Ministry of Security and Justice plans to close at least eight prisons and three juvenile detention centers in the next six years. Union FNV calls the 1,900 lost jobs accompanying this decision "unacceptable". "Last year State Secretary Fred Teeven that no new closures will follow. Van der Steur is breaking that promise with these announcements", union manager Frans Carbo said

Mar 1 '16 09:57

A prison guard was stabbed in the side during a fierce fight between inmates and guards at the prison in Alphen aan den Rijn on Monday, the Telegraaf reports. According to the newspaper, a prisoner deliberately stabbed the guard.

King Willem-Alexander at an asylum center
Jan 21 '16 15:15

ChristenUnie parliamentarian Joel Voordewind is calling for an end to the slow asylum procedure, that is leading to frustration, protests and even suicide in the emergency asylum shelters, AD reports.

Jan 18 '16 10:53

Thirty year old Iraqi asylum seeker Hussein Ali Abdel Amer hung himself in the asylum shelter in Alphen aan den Rijn on Saturday while talking on the phone with his wife, who is still in Iraq with his children. The long waiting time before getting clarity about his refugee status and his incapability to return to his family were too much for him

new police uniform 1
Dec 31 '15 08:38

A large search for a deaf woman and her three children who went missing in Alphen aan den Rijn on Wednesday had a happy ending. The woman and children were found safe and sound after 10 hours of searching, the police announced.

Dec 14 '15 07:23

The Rotterdam faction of the PvdA asked the mayor and aldermen to offer safe shelter to 10 LGBT asylum seekers currently living in the emergency shelter in Alphen aan den Rijn. On Friday these 10 asylum seekers started a hunger strike because they are systematically threatened, abused and even assaulted by other refugees because of their sexual orientation

Sep 17 '15 15:39

Queen Maxima paid a visit to the site in Alphen aan den Rijn where two cranes and a portion of the Juliana Bridge collapsed onto a number of buildings last month. No one was injured, but a significant amount of damage was done to the properties.

Aug 17 '15 10:06

The crane collapse in Alphen aan den Rijn early this month has resulted in almost 60 old ships heading towards Sail Amsterdam having to change their routes.

Aug 12 '15 10:53

Cranes company Peinemann has released a video in which general director Ad Kornet apologizes for the accident involving the Juliana Bridge in Alphen aan den Rijn on August 3rd. According to Kornet, all employees at the company are deeply shocked.

Aug 10 '15 13:41

The renovation work on the Juliana bridge in Alphen aan den Rijn restarted on Monday, the municipality announced on Monday.

Aug 6 '15 14:10

New footage of the crane collapse in Alphen aan den Rijn on Monday afternoon has surfaced. The video footage shows people running for their lives underneath a dust cloud caused by the collapsing cranes.

Aug 5 '15 09:27

The three people who were identified as suspects in connection with the crane collapse in Alphen aan den Rijn on Monday, are no longer considered suspects. Experts agree that the accident was preventable.

Aug 4 '15 13:25

Crane expert Richard Krabbendam believes that the crane collapse in Alphen aan den Rijn on Monday could easily have been prevented. According to him, the crane operators worked "very unprofessionally and ridiculously amateurish". Peinemann, the company who owns the involved cranes, released a statement saying that they are "gutted" by the accident.

Aug 4 '15 10:20

No one was injured in the crane accident in Alphen aan den Rijn on Monday afternoon. Mayor Liesbeth Spies called it a "miracle". One man in a wheelchair was rescued from his homes with injuries to his leg. It was initially assumed that his injury was caused by the crane collapse, but it has now been established that he sustained the injury before the accident.

Aug 4 '15 08:59

The Public Prosecutor has launched a criminal investigation into the accident in Alphen aan den Rijn on Monday after noon. Two cranes and a section of bridge collapsed onto several buildings, destroying them. Three people have been identified as suspects.

Aug 4 '15 08:31

The search action after the accident with collapsing cranes in Alphen aan den Rijn on Monday has been called off. Two cranes and a large section of bridge collapsed on four properties No further victims have been found.

Julianabrug crane collapse
Aug 3 '15 20:49

Two cranes installing a portion of the Juliana Bridge in Alphen aan den Rijn toppled over Monday afternoon, injuring as many as 20 people. The regional safety office initially suggested about two dozen were hurt, but said that number could actually be lower.

Jul 10 '15 13:36

Five members of a national assistance team have temporarily been suspended. They are suspected of possible involvement in the death of a prisoner. This death has many similarities to the death of Mitch Henriquez, the Telegraaf reports.


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