Jun 14 '16 13:00

Two suspects were arrested in Almere in connection with incidents of stones thrown at buses that led public transporter Connexxion to stop three bus services in the Kruidenwijk neighborhood

Jun 13 '16 09:44

A group of about 20 young people attacked various Connexxion buses by pelting them with stones in the Almere neighborhood of Kruidenwijk over the weekend. The public transport company therefore decided to stop their buses traveling through the neighborhood with immediate effect

Jun 8 '16 07:30

A Connexxion bus was attacked and robbed by two masked men armed with knives in Almere at 00:30 a.m. on Wednesday. No one was injured, a spokesperson for Connexxion said to Omroep Flevoland.

Apr 20 '16 14:30

Almere wants to experiment with Tiny Houses - an American money saving trend of teeny tiny, sometimes completely self-sufficient and sustainable houses, alderman Tjeerd Herrema said

Mar 22 '16 12:36

The Ministry of Security and Justice plans to close at least eight prisons and three juvenile detention centers in the next six years. Union FNV calls the 1,900 lost jobs accompanying this decision "unacceptable". "Last year State Secretary Fred Teeven that no new closures will follow. Van der Steur is breaking that promise with these announcements", union manager Frans Carbo said

Soccer - Dutch Linesman Dies after Attack during Game - Almere
Feb 1 '16 08:18

Players at Amsterdam football club Nieuw Sloten are accused of attacking another referee during their Fourth Class - C match against league leader DCG on Saturday. The incident happened just over four years after Almere linesman Richard Nieuwenhuizen died from injuries sustained during an attack by players and supporters of the Amsterdam team.

Jan 29 '16 08:26

A further investigation into reports that two asylum seekers sexually assaulted several young women in Almere will be done after a third woman reported being assaulted to the police, the Public Prosecutor announced on Thursday.

Jan 20 '16 08:38

On Tuesday the investigative department of the tax authorities FIOD raided 15 addresses and arrested 10 suspects in a large-scale investigation into Bitcoin payments made and received for criminal products and services over the so-called Dark Web, the Public Prosecutor announced.

Jan 15 '16 10:02

Two asylum seekers will appear in the Lelystad court on February 9th on suspicion that they sexually assaulted two girls in Almere in September last year. One of the suspects was involved in two assaults, the other in one

Dec 30 '15 09:10

The A27 from Gorinchem to Almere was closed down for several hours near Utrecht-Noord after a car accident involving a police car. Two officers were taken to the hospital with injuries

Dec 17 '15 12:20

The victim of the shooting incident on Hendrik Marsmanstraat in Almere on Tuesday morning passed away. The only information the police released so far is that the victim is a 56-year-old man from Almere who did not have a criminal record. The motive for the shooting remains unclear.

Dec 15 '15 09:42

A man was seriously injured in a shooting incident on Hendrik Marsmanstraat in Almere on Tuesday morning. An ambulance crew was dispatched to the scene at 6:53 a.m. Fire crews responded to reports of a car fire on Wodanstraat three minutes later.

Soccer - Dutch Linesman Dies after Attack during Game - Almere
Oct 26 '15 17:20

The Dutch Football Association’s (KNVB) disciplinary committee has handed out four lifetime bans from football participation after a linesman was beaten to death in Almere in December 2012. The four men received this maximum punishment immediately, with a fifth person involved receiving a 60 month suspension.

Oct 8 '15 20:20

Authorities in Bulgaria arrested three Dutch people suspected of plotting to join ISIS. The trio were caught trying to cross the border from the village of Kapitan Andreevo into Turkey, investigators allege.

Wilders Almere flyers 1
Oct 5 '15 13:38

Protestors in favor of refugee rights were met with angry vitriol from supporters of the anti-Islam, anti-refugee politician Geert Wilders on Saturday. The PVV party leader was in Almere handing out flyers against an expansion of a refugee center in the Flevoland city.

new police uniform 1
Sep 28 '15 12:11

Three men requesting asylum in Almere are suspected in the assaults of as many as five women in the Flevoland city. One of the cases involves an 18-year-old woman attacked overnight at a taxi stand by the men, believed to be residents of the asylum reception center there, according to Almere Nieuws.

Sep 8 '15 12:23

The first black mayor of a major Dutch city takes office this week. D66 party member Franc Weerwind will be appointed the mayor of Almere on Wednesday.

Aug 10 '15 10:15

Two casinos in Almere and Venray were robbed during the early hours of Sunday morning. One suspect was arrested in connection with the robbery in Almere.

Jul 30 '15 13:39

The police arrested a woman in Almere on Wednesday night for driving under the influence with eight children in the car.

Jul 23 '15 10:00

German car manufacturer Volkswagen and banker Friedrich von Metzler are selling Dutch auto lease company LeasePlan to a group of investors for 3.7 billion euros.

Jul 22 '15 09:57

"Incidents wit an emphatic racist undertone increasingly occur in the Netherlands and also within the police force of Almere. This trend must be stopped immediately." reads a letter given to Almere Mayor Annemarie Jorritsma from representatives of the African and Surinamese community in the Netherlands.

Jul 21 '15 09:55

The 13 year old boy who was forced to run alongside a police officer's motorcycle in Almere last week, was involved in an altercation between a group of young people and a man who made a noise complaint to the police.

Jul 14 '15 15:39

The police officer involved in dragging a handcuffed boy to run along with his motorcycle in Almere on Monday, has been taken off the street while the internal investigation is ongoing, the police announced on Tuesday.

Jul 14 '15 08:19

A police officer made a cuffed young man run along side the police motorcycle by dragging him by his handcuffs. The incident, which happened in Almere on Monday, was filmed and a video postedd on Facebook. The video has been viewed 186,017 times, 12 hours after it was posted.


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