Ahmed Aboutaleb

Nov 17 '16 16:00

Both intelligence service AIVD and the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security Dick Schoof contacted Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb prior to Sinterklaas' arrival in Maassluis on Saturday to warn him about possible clashes between anti-blackface Zwarte Piet activists, right-wing protesters and hooligans, the mayor said in a debate with his city council on Thursday, NOS reports.

Rotterdam cocaine find crates 1
Nov 1 '16 14:15

Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb, the police and the Public Prosecutor in the city are concerned about the increasing cocaine trafficing through the port of Rotterdam and the consequences it will have on the city's residents, the Telegraaf reports. 

"There is so much money involved in the smuggling of cocaine that the crime that goes along with it is huge", Public Prosecutor spokesperson Jeichien de Graaff said to the Telegraaf. "We see it here in the region but also in other cities."

Sep 26 '16 08:48

Thousands of people took part in an 8 km march through Amsterdam on Sunday afternoon. They were demonstrating for a diverse Netherlands united as one, along with new movement Ieder1

Aug 26 '16 16:00

Turkish consul-general Sadin Ayyildiz cancelled a meeting scheduled with Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb for today, a spokesperson for Aboutaleb confirmed to the Telegraaf. The mayor wanted to discuss tensions in the Turkish community and a controversial letter sent to mayors in the Rotterdam region

Jul 19 '16 11:15

The police in Amsterdam and Rotterdam are on high alert following a failed coup attempt in Turkey on Friday night. The mayors of the two large Dutch cities hope to prevent tensions in Turkey spilling over into their communities.

Jul 19 '16 09:39

Turkish-Dutch who openly support Fethullah Gulen received serious threats after a failed attempted coup in Turkey last week, the Volkskrant reports based on conversations with threatened Gulen supporters.

Jul 14 '16 10:56

326 protesting Feyenoord fans suffered an "unlawful infringement on their fundamental rights" when they were arrested on February 21st, National Ombudsman Reinier van Zutphen and Rotterdam Ombudsman Anne Mieke Zwaneveld conclude in their report on the mass arrests titled No Winners

Jul 9 '16 11:17

Thirteen PvdA mayors called on their colleague Ahmed Aboutaleb to run for PvdA leadership. "The party needs you", the mayors wrote in an open letter addressed to the Rotterdam Mayor in the Volkskrant on Saturday.

Jun 30 '16 11:50

Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb will not be running for the position of leader of the PvdA in the elections coming up in March next year. "I am not participating in the party leader elections and the PvdA organizes the elections to come to a party leader. I think that says a lot right?"

Jun 1 '16 13:25

Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem thinks that Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb should immediately present himself as candidate for leadership of the PvdA, he said to RTL Z. Last week the Rotterdam mayor said that he would run, but only if current leader Diederik Samsom does not.

May 27 '16 16:30

A massive 100 thousand people climbed The Stairway on Stationplein in Rotterdam since mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb opened it a week and a half ago,

May 25 '16 09:40

More than half of all the Islamic institutions and businesses in the Rotterdam-Rijnmond region faced discrimination last year and in the first three months of this. In the same period more than 700 Muslims in the region also reported being threatened or unfair treatment because of their religion, according to a study by umbrella organization SPIOR

May 16 '16 10:54

Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb is opening The Stairway on Stationplein on Monday. The Stairway is a 29 meter high scaffolding installation containing 180 steps that lead to the roof of the Groot Handelsgebouw, which was turned into a temporary lookout.

May 5 '16 07:50

People all over the Netherlands observed two minutes of silence at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday night to commemorate victims of the Second World War and other conflicts and wars that followed. Public transport came to a stand still and cars pulled over where they were to participate in the commemoration.

Apr 25 '16 13:50

Tens of thousands of Feyenoord supporters, along with the team itself and Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb, celebrated the Rotterdam team's KNVB Cup victory on the Coolsingel on Monday.

Apr 22 '16 12:15

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima will be attending the Remembrance Day ceremony in the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam on May 4th. Prime Minister Mark Rutte will attend the opening of the National Liberation Day Celebration a day later in Groningen

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Apr 6 '16 13:20

Polling stations across the Netherlands are open for Dutch citizens to vote in the referendum over the association agreement between the EU and Ukraine today. So far the turn out has not been overwhelmingly high.

Mar 30 '16 08:29

It is important that residents be alert to threats, but do not become paranoid, Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb said at a meeting for residents of Rotterdam-West on Tuesday evening. The meeting was arranged to inform residents on the state of affairs following the arrest of 4 terrorist suspects in the neighborhood on Sunday.

Mar 28 '16 10:01

Several hundred Dutch people of Turkish and Moroccan descent demonstrated against terrorism in Rotterdam on Sunday. Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb also participated and gave a speech.

Feb 23 '16 07:56

Football lawyer Frank van Ardenne is advising the 326 Feyenoord supporters arrested before the match against Roda JC in Rotterdam on Sunday, not to pay the fines imposed on them. "He who pays the fine pleads guilty and gets a criminal record", the lawyer said

Feb 22 '16 09:29

About 250 football supporters were arrested prior to the match between Feyenoord and Roda JC in Rotterdam on Sunday. According to the police, these supporters refused to follow instructions and used verbal and physical violence against stewards and police officers.

Feb 11 '16 07:31

Amsterdam does not need to attract more tourists, the city is already busy all the time, according to Mayor Eberhard van der Laan. He is calling on the other big cities in the Netherlands to take in more tourists and to relieve the pressure on the capital. He would like it if a tourist visits Amsterdam, but overnights in Rotterdam. "That may well be our salvation", he said in an interview with Het Parool on Wednesday.

Jan 27 '16 16:35

Kids across the Netherlands kicked off the 13th edition of the National Reading Aloud Days on Wednesday morning with breakfast and a story read to them by a politician, mayor, sports hero, actress, rapper, football player and even a princess.

Jan 20 '16 15:50

Carl Bernstein, one of the two reporters who uncovered the Watergate Scandal, will be a guest on the 100th episode of College Tour. The episode will be broadcast on Friday, April 15th, presenter Twan Huys announced on Tuesday


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