Amsterdam Centraal Trams
Mar 27 '14 10:08

A tram and a bus collided in Amsterdam on Wednesday night, injuring six people, AT5 reports.

Mar 21 '14 07:08

Councilman Bas Hageman (VVD) in Nieuwbakken was unceremoniously welcomed into his newly gained position in the municipal council in Velsen, Noord-Holland.

Mar 19 '14 14:57

At a junction of the A50 near Son, Brabant, a truck full of carcasses turned over, spilling its macabre contents all over the ground.

Mar 13 '14 14:15

A 58-year-old carriage driver died Tuesday afternoon on Walcheren in Grijpskerke, Zealand, when his horses got spooked for unknown reason and took off running. Horses and carriage ended up in a ditch.

Mar 4 '14 11:01

An ex-train driver is calling attention to the lack of empathy given to conductors in train accidents.

Double decker train in Amsterdam
Mar 4 '14 07:05

The two men who were ran over by a train on Sunday, are now thought to have planned it as a "double suicide", de Week Krant reports.

Feb 25 '14 10:54

A body was found on Monday evening in the waters of a pond in the Sonsbeeckpark in Breda.

Feb 10 '14 11:17

The fireworks accident in a sports canteen in Veendam, which killed a 26-year old man, has caused "chaos and complete panic", president of amateur football club Veendam 1894, Peter Feiken, said Monday.

Feb 8 '14 04:34

Two cars were hanging off the quay and leaning on a house boat in the city moat in the center of Amsterdam, after they were rammed by a truck Friday afternoon.

Police sign
Feb 6 '14 09:15

A Dutch driver, who killed a 27-year old woman in Gent in November and then escaped, has been arrested.

Jan 2 '14 13:54

A Dutch skier was killed in an accident on the new year night in Zell am See, Austria.

Tram derailed in Den Haag
Dec 24 '13 12:15

Two accidents that have left two people injured interrupted tram traffic in The Hague this morning.

Ajax supporter hurt
Dec 10 '13 14:39

The Ajax fan who fell from the stands during the match between Ajax and Barcelona, is out of danger, announced his family on the website of the Amsterdam soccer club.

Nov 25 '13 04:32

A car crashed on the side of the road on the A16 near Princeville in Breda, but it wasn't until hours later before anyone noticed. The car and the dead driver were eventually noticed by a passer-by, who alerted the police.

Aug 19 '13 05:15

The police been has been very busy again this weekend with accidents, stabbings and shootings. Here is an overview.


On Sunday, the police of The Hague arrested three men and a woman in connection with the discovery of a dead man early Sunday morning. The body was laying in the courtyard of an apartment complex in the Schilderswijk, the Hague.

Police suspect that the man was killed. The identity of the victim is not yet known.

Jun 4 '13 03:58

A 77-year-old woman, from Tilburg, died when she was caught by a falling gate at a branch of Albert Heijn. The accident happened on Sunday morning 10 o’clock. The heavily injured woman was brought to a hospital, where she died at 13.15 pm.

The gate of the branch at the Jan Heijnstraat, Tilburg, is used for trucks, who go in and out. How the gate could fall is not yet exactly clear. The supermarket chain, the police and the Labour Inspectorate have started an investigation. Albert Heijn is also checking if the same style of gate is used at other branches.

May 15 '13 08:59

A 71-year-old man from Hardinxveld-Giessendam died in his garden on Tuesday evening . The man was driving on his lawnmower but fell together with the machine in the water.

This was reported by the police. Nothing is known about the cause and the circumstances.

Apr 29 '13 17:08

An 86-year-old woman from Amersfoort was hit by a car in church on Sunday night.

Apr 15 '13 08:24

The man held responsible for the fatal fall of the three-year-old boy, Nana, in Amsterdam Zuidoost, will be charged with murder or manslaughter, according to the Office of the Public Prosecutor.

The judge of the Court of Amsterdam has extended  the trial detention of the 37-year-old man by two weeks. The suspect is the nephew of the Ghanaian father of the toddler Nana, who fell from the sixth floor of their Kikkenstein flat in Amsterdam Zuidoost  last Tuesday at around 11:00 pm.

Apr 12 '13 09:42

On Thursday night, a 3-year-old toddler died after falling from the sixth floor. The accident took place at the Kikkenstein flat  in Amsterdan Southeast. An eyewitness says that a drunken man threw the child from the flat.

Chris Gorleku (19) was the first to arrive at the boy called Nana. A child of Ghanaian descent, he was still alive then but died later in the hospital. Two men (37 and 46 years old) and a woman (27 years old) were arrested.

Apr 11 '13 16:30

Aziz al Cheikh, the father of the 18-year-old Nour who was found dead in Groningen on New Year’s Day, thinks his son was murdered. The public prosecutor’s office, Openbaar Ministerie (OM), will recover Nour’s body on Thursday and re-open the case.

Mar 27 '13 02:58

A motorist was injured Sunday when the car they were driving rolled over on the Cornelis Lelylaan in Amsterdam.

The rollover happened around 2.00 pm jamming up traffic on the city's southwest side. A cacuse has not been determined in the crash where the car landed besides the road on its roof. No other vehicles or pedestrians were involved, according to a police official.

The motorist was taken, with unknown injuries, to an area hospital.

The road was blocked for a while for all traffic. Police opened up the road around 3.00 pm.

Mar 22 '13 01:53

A single car accident claimed the life of a man in Oude-Tonge, Zuid-Holland, when his car drove directly into a lamppost on Wednesday evening.

The police reported that the accident happened around 19:00 on the N215.

The cause of the accident is still unknown. There were no other vehicles involved in the accident. Police have not yet revealed the victim's identity.

Mar 22 '13 01:13

Several hundred people commemorated 18-year-old Memphis van Veen with a silent march Wednesday night in Eindhoven. The student died tragically last week, when her scooter was hit by a police car.


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