Fully-booked Arcade Hotel to provide gaming, LAN parties in all rooms

The Aalborg Hotel in Amsterdam, which turned nine of its rooms into the Arcade Hotel last year, will soon convert all of its rooms into gaming rooms due to the massive demand. Soon guests in all rooms will be able to play games from consoles in the rooms or sign up to the hotel network for LAN parties, Het Parool reports.

The Arcade Hotel got a lot of attention world wide, and it resulted in a 97 percent occupancy rate for the Aalborg Hotel. Often with disappointment, since only 9 rooms were actually Arcade rooms. But now the hotel will turn its other 43 rooms into Arcade rooms as well. 

Manager Daniel Salmanovich promises that each room will have games that are generally not easily come by, including old style Nintendo, Sega and Microsoft games. At least ten games per room. There will also be an exchange library in the lobby, if none of the games in your room are to your liking. After the renovation, guests will also be able to LAN together. And in the basement there will be group rooms with contemporary game consoles and virtual realty devices.

The renovation will cost about 800 thousand euros. It is not clear when it will be finished.