Jul 10 '15 12:09

The number of companies and institutions going bankrupt in the Netherlands, is continuing its downward trend, which started in the summer of 2013. There were 35 fewer bankruptcies in June than in May.

Jul 10 '15 11:56

The Amsterdam flash trader Flow Traders hopes to make about half a billion euros with an IPO on Friday. The company is placing 40 percent of its shares on the market - not because the company needs the capital, but because investment company Summit wants to cash in its 30 percent of the shares

Jul 10 '15 11:27

The number of women appearing in television programs on public broadcasting has decreased over the past 5 years. Women are heavily outnumbered, especially in the big daily talk shows - De Wereld Draait Door, Pauw and Jinek.

Jul 10 '15 10:57

Convicted pedophile Benno L. was recently released from the electronic ankle bracelet that monitored his location. The ankle bracelet was used to make sure that he was keeping to the location ban imposed on him in 11 municipalities.

Jul 10 '15 10:43

The police have arrested another 4 suspects in connection with the riots in Schilderswijk, the Hague last week. A total of 250 people have now been arrested.

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Jul 10 '15 10:32

Hundreds of Dutch people are currently stranded in Singapore and Bali. KLM had to cancel the flights between the two islands after a volcano on East Java erupted.

Jul 10 '15 10:15

The number of reported tick bites increased significantly last month, compared to previous years. The RIVM expects that half a million people will be bitten by a tick in this coming month, and warns that people should be extra vigilant in checking for tick bites after visiting a "green area" as the insect could transmit Lyme disease.

Jul 10 '15 09:56

The Public Prosecutor demanded an 8 year prison sentence against a 41 year old ex-detective for inciting underage girls into prostitution. The Public Prosecutor also read the charges against the man from Rijen during a pro-forma session in the court in Den Bosch on Thursday, Brabants Dagblad reports.

Jul 10 '15 09:28

People going out for a round of drinks on a terrace will pay the most in Amsterdam and the least in Almere. The capital moved up from 4th place last year and after two years is now once again the most expensive city in which to have a drink on a terrace, taking the first place from Haarlem.

Jul 10 '15 09:00

Mitch Henriquez was laid to rest in Aruba on Thursday. Some 250 people attended the service at the Santa Ana church on the island. Some attendees wore T-shirts reading "Justice for Mitch".

Jul 10 '15 08:35

The suspect in the white heroin sold as cocaine case will remain in custody, the court decided after a so-called pro forma session on Thursday.

asylum seekers
Jul 9 '15 17:21

The number of asylum applications the Ministry of Security and Justice received in June increased by a third to 2,937. The number of lone children seeking asylum in the country rose to 299 last month.


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