Apr 30 '15 10:40

On Thursday the fire department and the police will be pleading for a fireworks ban in the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament.

Apr 30 '15 10:16

A group of students and university staff occupied yet another University of Amsterdam building on Thursday morning, a spokesperson for the UvA confirmed to NU. According to the protesters, they occupied the building in the run up to May 1st - Labor Day.

Apr 30 '15 09:42

A suitcase containing letters from World War II was found during the renovation of the French restaurant Walter Benedict on Denneweg in the Hague.

Apr 30 '15 09:11

The police in Rotterdam have arrested a 24 year old man who pushed a woman onto the subway tracks at the Gerdesiaweg station on Tuesday afternoon.

no image
Apr 30 '15 08:53

Three bystanders rescued a woman from a sinking car in the Duivendrechtsevaart on Wednesday morning. Someone managed to film the heroic rescue.

Apr 30 '15 08:28

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Wednesday night that there were about 750 Dutch people in Nepal at the time of the earthquake, based on information from travelers' family and friends and travel companies involved. About 500 of them have been located, which means that there are about 250 whose whereabouts are unknown.

Apr 30 '15 07:55

The Dutch Urban Search and Rescue team in Nepal once again searched a number of areas on Wednesday and only found deceased victims. The team also handed the overall coordination to the United Nations.

Vluchtgarage protesters at IND
Apr 29 '15 19:43

Dutch Mayors expressed their discontent towards the government's asylum seeker plan in the lower house of Dutch parliament on Wednesday and made it clear that they see the commitments required from the municipalities unwise and unclear, NOS reports. The Mayors had nothing good to say about the cost the government will impose on municipalities for failing to adhere to the plan.

An Uber driver
Apr 29 '15 19:39

Uber will only approve drivers for its UberPOP service if they have an official Dutch chauffeur's license, the transport service said Wednesday. The service will assist drivers to get the permit, with the drivers contributing a 400-euro investment, NU reported.

Beer bike train crash - Eindhoven
Apr 29 '15 19:33

The striker of football team EMK Nuenen, Ruud Bijsterveld, was probably not riding the beer bike when it was hit by a train on April 20th, contrary to earlier reports, according to AD. Bijsterveld was killed in the crash, possibly when shrapnel from the accident struck him in the back of the head, the newspaper reported.

Heineken Experience, Amsterdam
Apr 29 '15 19:22

Heineken's biggest brewery turned 40 years old this month. The brewery is responsible for production of Heineken and Amstel for domestic and international consumption. The current production capacity of the factory is 1.35 billion liters per year, according to a feature in AD.

BBC First
Apr 29 '15 19:02

The BBC is launching its new drama channel, BBC First, in the Netherlands on May 16. The country is is the first continental European market where the channel will hit television screen


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