Jul 16 '15 11:19

A carbon monoxide leak in a home on Slotboomstraat in Rotterdam on Wednesday sent 13 people to the hospital

Police sign
Jul 16 '15 11:06

The police arrested four men in Ommen on Wednesday for importing hard drugs from South America. A substantial amount of cocaine was discovered in a container on the industrial estate De Strangen.

Jul 16 '15 10:54

DSW Insurance is receiving daily complaints from patients who do not want to pay the pharmacy consultancy charge. This is according to DSW director Chris Oomen in response to reports that nearly half of all pharmacy assistants deal wit aggressive patients on a daily basis.

Jul 16 '15 10:32

Consumers' group foodwatch wants supermarkets Albert Heijn and Jumbo to remove dozens of products from their shelves because they contain controversial food dyes that could "adversely affect activity and attention in children"

Jul 16 '15 10:01

Former students of the Amsterdam Theater School are accusing two prominent lecturers of having amorous relationships with their students. This involves the Flemish actor Jappe Claes and Ruut Wessman, artistic leader of the Theater School and renowned theater director, the Volkskrant reports based on conversations with former students and lecturers.

Jul 16 '15 09:28

Russia has officially announced that it will be voting against an UN tribunal to prosecute those responsible for the MH17 disaster. In a statement on the country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, Russia calls the creation of a tribunal "untimely and counterproductive".

Jul 16 '15 09:02

Joep Lange, the renowned HIV/AIDS researcher that died in the disaster with flight MH17 last year, will not be forgotten in Amsterdam. A medical institute called the Joep Lange Institute will be opening in the capital. The University of Amsterdam is also establishing a lectern named after the Aids researcher.

CJ-kyCNUEAAR2jb (1)
Jul 16 '15 08:26

A police officer was stabbed in a brawl on Marco Pololaan in Utrecht on Wednesday night. The officer was injured in his hand. Five people have been arrested.

no image
Jul 15 '15 16:03

The first emergency shelter locations for asylum seekers will be put to use this week already. The first asylum seekers are expected to arrive at the IJsselhallen in Zwolle on Thursday or Friday.

Jul 15 '15 15:38

The Dutch Safety Board's report on the disaster with flight MH17 blames pro-Russian separatists for the downing of the plane, CNN reports based on sources who have seen the report. On Friday it will be exactly one year since the Malaysia Airlines flight crashed down on eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 people on board.

Jul 15 '15 15:11

Another 20 million euros have been made available to keep more people working productively for longer, Minister Lodewijk Asscher of Social Affairs wrote to the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, on Tuesday.

Jul 15 '15 14:47

Nearly half of the 1.2 million over 75 year olds in the Netherlands do not have an internet connection.


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