Mar 12 '15 21:31

A fire in a train near the Abcoude station has left rail service cancelled between Utrecht Central and Amsterdam Schiphol airport. The train stoppage is in effect on NS Intercity trains at least to 2 a.m. Friday, the NS said.

Trade your vote
Mar 12 '15 18:00

When three art students decide to prank the Netherlands by jokingly offer residents the chance to trade their votes in the upcoming provincial election for physical goods, they were surprised by the number of people who actually took up the offer. People using their RuilJeStempas (literally, “trade your vote”) Facebook page offered up their votes an Apple iPhone charger, pieces of fruit, and cheap household goods, Asja Keeman tells NL Times.

Mar 12 '15 17:14

In spite of the slow recovery, Eurozone has taken important steps for strengthening of the currency union, wrote Netherlands Central Bank (DNB) president Klaas Knot. However, the emerging growth has to be perceived cautiously in the context of occurring political instabilities and fluctuating market sentiment, Mr Knot warned.

Mar 12 '15 17:05

Approximately 30,000 hens are being culled in Barneveld, Gelderland after avian influenza was detected at a poultry farm there, the government revealed in a statement. Further analysis by Central Veterinary Institute (CVI), expected to be available on Friday, will determine the severity of the flu, but for now it is suspected to be a mild H7 variant, Secretary of Economic Affairs Sharon Dijksma writes in a letter to the Tweede Kamer.

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Mar 12 '15 16:59

Police cleared an entire neighborhood in Rijswijk today following the arrest of a man who not only had a gun and hand grenade in his possession, but also said that he had a stash of dangerous chemicals at his house.

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Mar 12 '15 15:31

Piet Ploeg, the chairman of the MH17 Foundation is stepping down; at least temporary.

Tricht murder
Mar 12 '15 15:07

A 41-year-old man who shot-and-killed his 20-year-old stepson and nine-year-old daughter then killed himself, police said Thursday. Investigators revealed the cause of death in the Saturday, March 7, tragedy on Landmanweg in Etten-Leur, Noord Brabant after several days of forensic research and witness interviews.

Mar 12 '15 14:48

Two men dressed as police officers robbed an 85-year-old woman of her jewelry after gaining access to her house Thursday morning. One of the two men talked his way into the resident's house in Ridderkerk, Zuid Holland, police say.

Mar 12 '15 14:44

The Dutch parliament will be considering adopting a law that would make it easier for individuals aged 65 and above to work after they start receiving the state pension. The bill was proposed to the House of Representatives on Thursday by the Minister of Social Affairs Lodewijk Asscher. It is likely to receive broad support from the MPs, reports NRC.

Mar 12 '15 14:31

Scientists at the Erasmus Medical Center have developed a new high-speed camera that can detect arteriosclerosis in blood vessels using a much faster shutter rate than before. The tiny catheter-camera takes 2,500 pictures in between contractions of the heart so more detailed imaging is literally done in a heartbeat, Professor-Ingénieur Ton van der Steen told NOS.

Mar 12 '15 14:22

FrieslandCampina is reporting a hit to its operating profit of 80 million euros stemming from the Russian boycott on European dairy products. This works out to approximately 16 percent of the company’s 2014 operating profit, as reported on their website.

Mar 12 '15 14:10

Former Imtech CEO Rene van der Bruggen allegedly supplied the German branch of the company with false invoices amounting to tens of millions of Euros, according to investigations by De Telegraaf and German Handelsblatt. The money was then used to cover up financial losses made in the Netherlands, according to broadcaster BNR.


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