Jul 19 '13 06:36

The Queen stage of this years’ Tour de France was won by Christophe Riblon. Froome gained time on most rivals.

Two times the riders had to climb Alpe d’Huez and such a stage will go into the history books. Riders who are not interesting for the general classification this year, have in such a stage a good chance to ride themselves into the picture.

Riblon in the history books

And so it happened that good riders who, because of injuries or bad shape didn’t contend for the first three spots in Paris, attacked fanatically on stage 18.

Jul 19 '13 05:25

The number of measles infections has risen again. There are now 466 cases of measles reported and that are 145 more than last week. Compared to last week, there are 5 new hospitalizations added.

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has signals that in reality there are many more people sick. That's because not everyone visits the doctor.

The measles epidemic is concentrated in the so-called Bible Belt. There are many people of Reformed denomination who don’t go for vaccination because of their faith.


Jul 19 '13 04:57

The continuing warm weather made 964 people give up the Vierdaagse. 39.755 Walkers are hoping to start and finish at the last day on Friday.

Like the Tour de France

Jul 19 '13 04:51

In and around the new Coentunnel in Amsterdam, remarkably many accidents occur. Since the opening of the tunnel on May 13 there have been about 55 collisions in and directly at the tunnel, said the Traffic Information Service (VID) on Thursday.

In just over two months, a salvage vehicle had to be led  55 times to the tunnel area. According to the VID, this number is unexpectedly high. In 2010 the A16 at the  Terbregseplein was the place with the most collisions with 175 in a year.

Jul 19 '13 04:48

To spend your time, underwater, in an authentic Achterhoeks cafe is possible during the Black Cross festival. The festival is held in Lichtenvoorde, Gelderland. Beer is not in the game during the visit, playing cards on the tables with a traditional Persian rug is.

Visitors to the underwater cafe must first put on diving equipment. "You should have had no alcohol, because that is incompatible with diving," says a spokesman of organizer Feestfabriek about the special attraction.

Jul 18 '13 08:41

Based on a latest study, the consumption of foods that have low nutritional value, usually in the form of instant, packaged snacks are associated to colorectal cancer risk.

Jul 18 '13 08:24

Samsung has taken the three models of its Galaxy Tab 3 to the Netherlands.

Jul 18 '13 08:18

According to the GGD (Public Health Service) latest research, the total number of smokers in the Netherlands is declining while the figures in Amsterdam are climbing.

Jul 18 '13 08:05

Dutch designer Marcel Wanders’ one of a kind concept makes the Andaz Hotel in Amsterdam interesting. His creativity and imagination are evident in the designs of the walls, floors and the lights of the establishment.

Jul 18 '13 07:48

On Tuesday, the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) party in the Netherlands gathered with Muslims to break the fast together.

Jul 18 '13 07:38

The Netherlands will grant a €6 million aid to support the development of IT exports in four countries including Bangladesh.

Jul 18 '13 07:29

On July 10, 2013, the UK Border Agency (UKBA) has launched a priority visa service in the Netherlands.

Jul 18 '13 07:19

Dutch Ambassador Karel van Kesteren announced that Bulgaria will join the Schengen Agreement sooner or later, but not at the moment.

Jul 18 '13 05:50

Christopher Froome took the win in the tough TT over 32km with two category 2 climbs. Only the Spanish Alberto Contador and Joaquin Rodriguez came close to the yellow jersey.

Jul 18 '13 05:38

No longer is the second day the day that most people give up. Only 857 didn’t reach the finish on day two and that’s a meager 2%. Much less than the usual 4%.

The fact that most people give up on the second day is no longer valid. The first time this didn’t happen was two years ago. The warm weather of this year was expected to bring back the tough image of the second day but the new trend is set.


Jul 18 '13 03:31

The king's song, with which the newly crowned king Willem-Alexander and queen Máxima were serenaded on inauguration day, has so far yielded 44,000 euro. That was reported by the National Committee Inauguration, the initiator of the song.

The amount is from the ticket sales of the concert in Ahoy in Rotterdam on  April 30 and the number of downloads of the song.

The money goes to the Oranjefonds, a fund that supports every year thousands of large and small CSOs. The king and queen are patrons of the fund.


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