Oct 22 '13 01:12

Police are investigating whether a man who was killed and buried in a forest near a psychiatric clinic in Halsteren, was murdered by another patient. A resident of the clinic on the estate Vrederust claims he killed the man.

Oct 22 '13 00:54

At the request of the Netherlands, the German police arrested two men from Arnhem who were planning to take part in the international jihad in Syria, reports news program Nieuwsuur.

Oct 22 '13 00:03

After hearing initial sentences of 4 years imprisonment, the Haarlem court sentences three members of an organization, specialized in phishing, to up to 32 months in prison on Monday.

Oct 22 '13 00:02

The St. Maarten Minister of Justice, Dennis Richardson, says the Dutch approach to discourage migrants is harmful to the development of his island.

Oct 21 '13 18:30

The Netherlands is likely to host the Tour de France in 2015, the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad reported.

Oct 21 '13 18:02

House prices were down 4.1% in September 2013, compared with same month in 2012, CBS announced Oct. 21.

Oct 21 '13 17:06

The United States’ National Security Agency (NSA) tapped 1.8 million Dutch telephones in one month year, Dutch technology website Tweakers reported.

Oct 21 '13 10:15

A report released by Telecompaper reveals that Samsung mobile dominates the smartphone market in Netherlands.

Oct 21 '13 09:53

Heijmans has entered agreements with Syntrus Achmea Real Estate and Finance, Rabobank Utrecht, the municipality of Utrecht and the Mitros housing association to construct the third part of the Kanaleneiland Centre.

Under the agreements, Heijmans will develop and construct the Kanaleneiland Centre’s third part, which comprises 86 homes and 230 parking places and a district service centre, the company said in a .

Oct 21 '13 09:04

The Netherlands has decided to stop its privatization program and canceled plans for a partial sale of two state-owned energy companies.

Oct 21 '13 05:16

According to the weekly poll of Maurice de Hond, D66 would have 21 virtual seats. That are 9 seats more than D66 now occupies in the House.

D66 was one of the three constructive opposition parties, who helped the government to a solution for the budget of 2014.

While D66 won in this poll, the largest party in the House, VVD, lost again one seat opposite the poll of last week. The liberals would now occupy only 19 seats while they occupy in real 41 seats in the House.

Oct 21 '13 05:10

The 25-year-old Hardwell from Breda is according to the DJ Mag Top 100, world’s best DJ of 2013. The organization announced this on Saturday evening during the yearly Amsterdam Dance Event.

Hardwell, in real life called Robbert van de Corput, is the youngest DJ ever to become world’s best DJ.

Right after the announcement of the British magazine DJ Mag, the young world star immediately started with playing music for the more than 20,000 attendants.

Last years’ best DJ, Armin van Buuren, also from the Netherlands (Leiden) dropped to the second place.

Oct 21 '13 05:05

The political climate in the Netherlands is racistic. The government should take responsibility and start a nationwide anti-discriminating campaign. This was stated by the National Ombudsman, Alex Brenninkmeijer, on Sunday in the Program Buitenhof.

It was his response to the report of the Council of Europe which says that the Netherlands have to do something about the increasing racism. The report says also that there should be a national strategy against discrimination by race.

Oct 21 '13 04:57

After the won race in Dubai, Ranomi Kromowidjojo won again in Doha at the 50 meter freestyle. The world record swimmer (23.24 seconds) finished in Doha at 23.69 seconds during the finals.

During the finals of the world cup events in Doha, none of the competitors came near to the time of Kromowidjojo. The German Dorothea Brandt finished at 24.27 seconds and the Danish Jeanette Ottesen Gray finished for Bronze at 24.33 seconds. Dutch Inge Dekker just missed a spot on the stage with 24.52 seconds.

Oct 21 '13 01:46

The deceased victim of the devastating fire in a number of buildings in the city of Leeuwarden is indeed the 24-year-old resident who was missing, announced the police.

Oct 21 '13 01:06

The Hague police officers saw a man from the Dominican Republic literally fall from the sky Saturday morning.


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