Oct 3 '13 02:30

Dutch universities once again rank high on one of the most important worldwide lists. After the United States and the United Kingdom, the Netherlands is the best represented country in the Times Higher Education World University Ranking. Last year, seven Dutch universities were in the top 100, this year there are eight.

Oct 3 '13 00:01

The students of the Ibn Ghaldoun school in Rotterdam stay together this school year. The group is temporarily registered as a branch of a Christian school.

Oct 3 '13 00:01

Honorary consuls are often people who know the country well and offer voluntary assistance consular affairs. They work from their own office.

Oct 3 '13 00:01

The two Dutch Greenpeace activists, detained in Russia, are charged with piracy. Fourteen of the activists were charged today, all of them with piracy. The other sixteen will hear their charges tomorrow. The maximum sentence for piracy in Russia is fifteen years.

Oct 3 '13 00:01

In a home on the Van Roekelweg in Apeldoorn the police found two deceased children and a wounded woman.

Oct 3 '13 00:01

The Rotterdam court demanded three years in prison, including six months probation, in the case of a 22-year-old man who wanted to travel to Syria to join the jihad.

Oct 3 '13 00:01

Brabant police are looking for a 32-year-old mother and her 2-month-old baby, starting Wednesday afternoon.

Oct 2 '13 05:45

Following the budget discussions in the House of last week, Minister Dijsselbloem is talking this week with opposition parties to exchange some of the government plans with alternatives proposed by them.

Oct 2 '13 05:28

Not even one year after her last trip to the largest South American country, minister Lilianne Ploumen, of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, will again lead a trade mission to Brazil.

Last year the trade mission was a big success. Ship building company IHC Merwede was able to sign a contract for 1 billion euro.

This year the minister leads a group of 43 Dutch companies. The emphasis will be the transport sector the maritime sector and the sports sector. The last sector is joining probably with an eye to the World Cup which will be held next year in Brazil.

Oct 2 '13 05:25

PvdA leader Diederik Samsom was quick with a response on a tweet of PVV leader Wilders. 

On Tuesday afternoon, Wilders tweeted: ‘I will never get used to it. A Moroccan (Arib), this afternoon as House chairman with in front of her the Koran in the Dutch House.”

Samsom immediately responded: ‘Arib as chairman proves that the hatred of PVV will never overcome the power of this beautiful country, in which origin is irrelevant.’

Oct 2 '13 05:20

The last quarter the number of traffic jams was only half of the average over the last seven years. There have never been so little congestion on the roads, announced the ANWB on Tuesday.

The motorists and tourists organisation  ANWB, says that in the summer months and September there were less traffic jams on the roads, both by length and time.

Next to the common daily traffic jams, the motorists had some extra delays in September. These were caused at the north side of the Coentunnel in Amsterdam and around the Maastunnel in Rotterdam.

Oct 2 '13 01:06

Due to a power outage in a data center at Schiphol some Dutch sites are inaccessible. The service interruption at Easynet company started this morning. It is unknown how many sites are affected.

Oct 2 '13 00:31

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment is going to turn urine into energy. The electricity generated will be used to heat the office building on the Rijnstraat in The Hague. The office is expected to open in about two years.

Oct 2 '13 00:27

Just like many other public services in the United States, the American cemetery in the Zuid-Limburg Margraten was closed on Tuesday, reported a spokesperson of the war cemetery.

Oct 2 '13 00:26

In a long-term investigation into fraud with antibiotics in the poultry production cars, homes, commercial properties, and bank accounts were seized. According to the prosecution it concerns an amount of 650,000 euros.

Oct 2 '13 00:25

1 out of 5 women with breast cancer and clean lymph nodes in the armpit do not need chemotherapy after surgery. Therefore, they should all be offered a genetic tumor test, according to Sabine Linn, professor and medical oncologist at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital. She is involved in the study of the test.


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