Jan 31 '14 12:50

Dutch Minister of Finance Jeroen Dijsselbloem wants to delay the implementation of IBAN digit bank account number in the Netherlands, Reuters reports.

Jan 31 '14 12:45

Starting Saturday, parking manager Cition is going to deploy more scan cars to fine illegal parkers. In addition, they are doing away with paper fines, to speed up the process even more.

Jan 31 '14 08:57

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima will attend the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi from February 7 to February 11.

Jan 31 '14 07:31

T-Mobile Netherlands wants restructuring in order to improve efficiency, Nos reports.

Jan 31 '14 04:37

Eindhoven police are investigating a drive-by shooting that occurred Thursday morning around 07:50 at the Arnaudiplein. Police are looking for possible witnesses.

Jan 31 '14 04:36

After initially banning pork and pork products from Lithuania this past Saturday, because of an outbreak of African swine fever, Russia extended the ban to the entire European Union this week. The Dutch pork branch loses 2 to 3 million euros a week as a result of the ban.

Jan 31 '14 04:35

The Royal Military Police from the Police and Security Brigade, arrested a 55-year-old woman and her 27-year-old daughter on Schiphol, Wednesday afternoon, on suspicion of money laundering.

Jan 31 '14 04:34

NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen met with Prime-Minister Mark Rutte and King Willem-Alexander in The Hague, Thursday. Rasmussen urges the Netherlands to increase its defense budget again.

Jan 31 '14 04:33

A majority of Parliament supported proposed legislation of CDA and D66, Thursday, to drop the special status of government officials, safe for some exceptions. The legal status of government officials would be the same of regular employees.

Jan 31 '14 04:33

The Ombudsman for the elderly calls on people to report cases of elderly couples being separated because of an admittance in a home or institution.

Jan 31 '14 04:32

A study of the Dutch Association for Justice (NVvR), among 684 of its members, shows half of the judges and prosecutors of justice fear the increasing workload may lead to judicial errors, reported NRC Handelsblad.

Jan 31 '14 04:31

The (Universitair Medisch Centrum) UMC Utrecht inserted two extendable corrective rods in the back of a child with scoliosis, making repetitive surgery unnecessary. It's the first time the technique is applied in the Netherlands.

Jan 30 '14 19:50

The InHolland University in Rotterdam is under lockdown. Police received a report around 18:00 of an armed person on the sixth floor of the location Posthumuslaan.

Jan 30 '14 18:08

Pharmaceuticals company MSD will cut further 440 jobs at its factory in Oss in next 3 years, Nos reports on Thursday.

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Jan 30 '14 18:00

Diabetes patient Yosra Aajir who was arrested on January 13 as she injected insulin in a fitting room of a HEMA in The Hague, has been arrested a second time; this time at an H&M branch in the city.

Jan 30 '14 16:45

Ridix has opened the first 3D printer shop in Netherlands.


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