Protestors gather on the Malieveld in The Hague to denounce systemic racism and police violence against people of color. June 2, 2020
Jun 2 '20 19:26

Demonstrators rallied in support of the Black Lives Matter movement on Tuesday, gathering on the Malieveld in The Hague and on the Grote Markt in Groningen to protest a culture of systemic racism in the Netherlands. As of 7 p.m., both events remained peaceful demonstrations, with well over a thousand in The Hague and hundreds more in Groningen, all of whom were reportedly sticking to social distancing rules.

Nasal swab test
Jun 2 '20 18:50

The Covid-19 test hotline was called an average of 27 thousand times per hour, or about 7.5 times per second, on Monday, the first day it was open to the public. Anyone residing in the Netherlands was given the opportunity to schedule an appointment to be tested for the coronavirus disease starting June 1.

Travelers waiting or their luggage at Schiphol
Jun 2 '20 18:09

The Dutch government is set to reduce the level of the negative travel advisory for trips within parts of Europe so that outgoing tourist trips and family visits will be permissible from June 15, sources from the government told local media on Tuesday. The move marks a departure from the government's current recommendation that only necessary trips be made, and is reportedly part of a wider European effort to lift restrictions on tourism on the same date.

#blackouttuesday post by the Rijksmuseum
Jun 2 '20 17:40

Football clubs, museums, theaters, performers, political organizations, and media in the Netherlands massively posted black pictures on social media on Tuesday to show support for the movement demanding an end to racism and police brutality in the United States and beyond. 

Thousands in Amsterdam turn out in support of Black Lives Matter after the death of George Floyd in America. June 1, 2020
Jun 2 '20 17:05

The large gathering of protestors in Amsterdam's Dam Square on Monday distressed many healthcare workers, said Ernst Kuipers, the chair of the Dutch acute care network. "There were about 5,000 people from all over the country, who were close to each other for a long time, and do not directly know most of the bystanders," he said, noting that those in health care watched events unfold "with horror," according to broadcaster NOS.

Jun 2 '20 16:50

EasyJet plans to start flying from Schiphol again from July 1, the airline announced on Tuesday. The number of flights will be lower due to reduced demand, but the airline plans to ultimately fly to 35 destinations from the Amsterdam Airport,  reports.

"Thanks to the routes we will be flying again from July onwards, business travelers can make their essential trips again, people can be reunited with friends and family abroad, and hopefully also go on summer holidays if measures allow this," William Vet, manager of EasyJet Netherlands, said to the newspaper.

Jun 2 '20 15:10

The coronavirus crisis could lead to a new euro crisis, the Netherlands office for economic policy analysis CPB said after analyzing the vulnerabilities of the financial system.

Despite coronavirus support measures implemented by the government, businesses and households are facing increasing financial difficulties. And if the recession continues for some time and more debts become impossible to repay, households and businesses may pull financial institutions down with them, the CPB warned.

T-Shirts hung with slogans in support of healthcare workers
Jun 2 '20 14:23

Two more people with Covid-19 died from the disease on Monday, public health agency RIVM said on Tuesday. It was the third day in a row where the number of new deaths and the number of new hospitalizations related to coronavirus was below ten. 

The RIVM said there were also two more deaths over the weekend than the five which were previously reported. A total of 5,967 have died from the coronavirus disease since the beginning of the pandemic.

Ahmed Aboutaleb
Jun 2 '20 13:30

Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb of Rotterdam will allow a demonstration against racism to happen on Schouwburgplein on Wednesday, but the number of participants will be limited to no more than 80. The square is not suitable for more than 80 demonstrators while adhering to social distancing measures in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus, he said to Radio Rijnmond on Tuesday.

Transmission mast
Jun 2 '20 12:40

Parliamentarians from the D66, ChristenUnie and SP are critical of an emergency law that will give health institute RIVM access to transmission mast data in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. D66 MP Kees Verhoeven is not convinced that this population tracking is necessary, he said to the Telegraaf.

Cafe de Tropen in Amsterdam expanding its terrace into the courtyard of the Tropenmuseum in preparation for terraces reopening on 1 June 2020. Sign asks visitors to not move the tables which were organized with social distancing in mind. 29 May 2020
Jun 2 '20 11:50

The catering industry in the Netherlands is still in danger, despite restaurants, bars, and cafes being allowed to open with anti-coronavirus measures on Monday. While people went out to support their local terraces, some places were much quieter than expected. And the weather will not always be warm and sunny, KHN, the industry association fo restaurants, cafes, and hotels, said to Het Parool.

Jun 2 '20 11:00

The police recently detained 15 convicts which together had to serve a total of 22 years in prison and transferred them to a penitentiary. The coronavirus and measures to curb its spread made it somewhat easier to track these fugitives down, the police said. 


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