University Medical Center Utrecht
May 27 '20 13:47

Dutch researchers are going to play a leading role in monitoring the safety and efficacy of vaccines against the coronavirus in Europe. This project was commissioned by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and will be led by UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University. Project ACCESS will focus on preparing Europe to properly and jointly monitor the effectiveness and safety of Covid-19 vaccines that enter the market. 

Imago Pietatis by Bartholomeus Spranger
May 27 '20 12:50

Art dealer and collector Bob Haboldt donated the painting Imago Pietatis by Bartholomeus Spranger to the Rijksmusuem, as a sign of hope and support during the coronavirus crisis, the museum announced. The around 1587 masterpiece will be displayed alongside other masterpieces by artists from his environment from June 1.

Nursing home
May 27 '20 12:00

Nursing homes want the government to relax the strict visiting rules for their residents more quickly. Allowing only one designated visitor per resident for another two months is "too heavy a sacrifice", nursing home umbrella organization Actiz said to AD.

Police officers on the street
May 27 '20 11:10

Two people were injured in a shooting on Retersbekerweg in Klimmen, Limburg on Tuesday evening. Three people were arrested, including the two who were injured, the police said in a statement. One person was still at large, police added.

The shooting happened at around 7:00 p.m. The police are investigating exactly what happened that led to the dispute. "A fight between two families was probably the reason for the incident," the police said.

Tourist checking a map in Amsterdam
May 27 '20 10:14

At least six of the Netherlands' Ministries are currently working on a protocol to ensure that tourism in the country can restart and run smoothly, despite the coronavirus crisis, sources in The Hague told the Telegraaf. 

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, for example, is looking into the impact tourism has on the road network, public transport, shipping, and aviation. Based on this, the government will determine what measures are necessary to keep transport safe, accessible and not too crowded once tourists return.

May 27 '20 09:39

Slaughterhouses must take measures themselves to protect their employees against the coronavirus and make sure that they can do their work safely, Minister Carola Schouten of Agriculture and Food Quality said after consultation with the meat sector. She is not out to close slaughterhouses, the ball is in their court, she said, NOS reports.

May 27 '20 09:01

Mayor Femke Halsema of Amsterdam announced that restaurants, cafes and bars in the city will be allowed to temporarily expand their terraces, so that they can accommodate as many customers as possible under social distancing rules once they are allowed to reopen next week. The catering establishments will have to apply for expansion, and meet a number of conditions.

Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram apps
May 27 '20 08:32

The number of cases of WhatsApp fraud, in which criminals hijack a number, impersonate someone and ask their friends and family for money, increased sharply over the past months, the Fraud Help Desk reported. The total number of fraud reports increased from around 6,500 per month between December and February to 15 thousand in April. The largest part of that increase was WhatsApp fraud, NOS reports.

Belastingdienst Amsterdam
May 27 '20 08:08

The director general of the Tax Authority promised officials last year that they would not be punished for unjustly accusing parents of fraud and halting their childcare allowance, in some cases using ethnic profiling to do so. The Tax Authority confirmed to RTL Nieuws and Trouw that 'no disciplinary measures' were one of the demands three officials from the fraud department at the heart of this scandal made in return for their cooperation in the investigation. Their demands were met, RTL Nieuws reports.

Hospital ward
May 27 '20 07:32

At the St Jansdal hospital in Hardewijk, four patients in a non-Covid-19 nursing ward tested positive for the coronavirus. They tested negative when the were admitted. "It concerns four out of a total of 17 patients," care manager Frits van der Velde said to NOS.

A KLM aircraft in front of an Air France airplane at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. July 11, 2017
May 26 '20 19:19

The shareholders of Air France-KLM voted in favor of giving a massive bonus to the airline group's CEO for his performance in 2019, despite the group working with the governments of France and the Netherlands to secure taxpayer-backed loans and bailouts. About 81 percent of shareholders voted in favor of awarding the 768,456 thousand euros bonus for CEO Ben Smith, on top of his 800 thousand euro annual salary.

Covid-19: Terrace cordoned off at Almere Strand, 21 May 2020
May 26 '20 17:40

Mayors in the Netherlands will not deploy extra enforcement when terraces are allowed to reopen on June 1st, Hubert Bruls, Nijmegen mayor and chairman of the Security Council said on Monday. "In the first instance, the ball lies with the catering entrepreneur and the customers themselves. They must ensure that they can keep their distance from each other," he said, De Limburger reports.


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