Doctor's hand holding a surgical mask in front of the Dutch flag
Apr 8 '20 14:04

Another 147 people infected with coronavirus have died, and another 308 people have been hospitalized with respiratory illness Covid-19, Dutch public health agency RIVM reported on Wednesday. People who have been infected with the coronavirus, but only had mild symptoms may not be immune to Covid-19 after their recovery, RIVM director Jaap van Dissel revealed during his weekly update to parliament on Wednesday.

Apr 8 '20 13:30

A total of 5,808 people in the Netherlands will die of Covid-19, according to projections by the  University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME). As of Tuesday, the Netherlands confirmed coronavirus death count stood at 2,101, so the country still has a way to go according to the IHME projections.

Wopke Hoekstra in Brussels
Apr 8 '20 12:23

After over 16 hours of discussions overnight, the European Ministers of Finance still could not come to an agreement on a financial support package of 540 billion euros for countries hit hardest by the coronavirus. The negotiations will continue on Thursday.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Apr 8 '20 11:40

Amsterdam's College of Mayor and Alderpersons presented a set of measures with which the city aims to halve its use of raw materials by 2030 and have a fully circular economy by 2050. The measures range from encouraging residents to waste less food, to promoting repairs and second-hand shops, to increasing the sustainability requirements for construction.

Gurneys in a hospital corridor
Apr 8 '20 10:50

A 29-year-old named Guus from Beek en Donk passed away due to the coronavirus on Tuesday. So far he is the youngest yet to die of Covid-19 in the Netherlands. As far as is known, he had no underlying health problems. His older brother, 31-year-old Bram, is currently in ICU with the virus, Eindhovens Dagblad reports.

Apr 8 '20 09:55

Police officers in The Hague shot a man in his leg while arresting him on Honthorststraat during the early hours of Wednesday morning. The man was taken to hospital for treatment, the police said on Twitter.

The police responded to Honthorststraat after a noise complaint, a police spokesperson said to newspaper AD. At the involved home, responding officers found a man holding a stabbing weapon. They tried to speak to the man, but eventually had to call in an arrest team, the spokesperson said.

Mother and child wearing medical masks
Apr 8 '20 09:38

The global coronavirus outbreak is heading towards the biggest humanitarian disaster since the Second World War, the Red Cross fears. "The Covid-19 pandemic is a crisis on a scale that we don't know yet," Robert Mardini, head of the International Red Cross, said to RTL Nieuws. "Everyone around the world is somehow affected by the crisis, personally and professionally."

Supermoon reflected in the Zoetermeerse lake in Zoetermeer
Apr 8 '20 09:01

After the supermoon made a spectacular display in Dutch skies on Tuesday night, Wednesday is also set to be a beautiful day in the Netherlands. There will be plenty of sunshine, with maximums up to 25 degrees. Some places in the south of the country may even see thermometers climb to 26 degrees, according to Weeronline.

Apr 8 '20 08:44

The government wants to track and curb the spread of coronavirus Covid-19 using special apps to trace who was in contact with a confirmed patient. Parliamentarians from coalition party D66 and opposition party PvdA worry about what this will mean for citizens' privacy.

Erasmus Medical Center and University in Rotterdam
Apr 8 '20 08:08

The coronavirus will be in the Netherlands for a long time yet, which means that hospitals and GPs have to resume other care, Ernst Kuipers, chairman of the national coordination center for patient distribution LCPS and of the board of Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, said to Nieuwsuur. "This is the new normal. The Covid epidemic is far from over .We need to prepare to receive other patients in full again," he said.

Coronavirus Covid-19
Apr 8 '20 07:35

The Ministry of Defense is increasingly supplying supportive military medical employees and equipment to healthcare institutions in the Netherlands to help fight against the coronavirus outbreak, but the limits of that capacity are in sight, Lieutenant Colonel Sjaak van Elten, spokesperson for Defense, said to newspaper

Beursplein 5, home of the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange
Apr 7 '20 20:40

The Amsterdam stock exchange index, AEX, has today recovered nearly half of its losses since falling from its highs in mid-February. The rally comes as European stocks climbed for a second consecutive day as the markets began pricing in data suggesting that the spread of Covid-19 is slowly being brought under control.

The AEX jumped by almost 13 points from Monday's 489.82 close, with the price at today’s open rising sharply to 503.97. The index maintained its rally for most of the day’s trading, giving back some gains from the open to close 10 points higher (2.05 percent).

Flags of Netherlands and Europe
Apr 7 '20 20:00

Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra received support from a majority in parliament for the government's stance on European Union aid for countries in trouble due to the coronavirus. The Dutch government is against so-called coronabonds, and wants strict requirements attached to any emergency financing, NOS reports.

Later in the evening, reports emerged that the European Stabilization Mechanism (ESM) could instead be used to make a quarter of a trillion euros available to help countries in the EU pay for the medical problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Social distancing in Amsterdam's Oosterpark
Apr 7 '20 19:07

The Dutch Cabinet was advised not to relax measures put in place to curb the spread of Covid-19 anytime soon, a source confirmed to broadcaster NOS on Tuesday. According to information leaked from the RIVM’s Outbreak Management Team (OMT), which advised the cabinet on Monday, no steps should be taken to ease restrictions until there are five criteria that are met.

A NIOSH N95 particulate respirator by 3M that can filters at least 95% of airborne particles.
Apr 7 '20 18:46

Hospitals in the Netherlands were actively treating 4,284 people diagnosed with coronavirus as of Tuesday afternoon. It includes 1,424 being treated in intensive care for Covid-19, and 2,860 being cared for in other departments. It includes those who have been released from ICU but were not discharged from their medical facility.

A sign promoting social distancing at an entrance to the Funenpark in Amsterdam Centrum
Apr 7 '20 16:48

Police in the Netherlands have so far handed out over 1,400 fines to people for violating coronavirus social distancing rules since the rules came into effect on March 27. Under the current rules, fines may be issued to anyone over 12 years of age standing within 1.5 meters of two or more other people.

The rules, which do not hold for people living in the same household, are meant to prevent crowding and thus slow the spread of coronavirus. Adults are eligible for a fine of 390 euros for violating the rules, while minors may be handed a lighter penalty of 95 euros.

Nursing home corridor
Apr 7 '20 15:40

Some nursing homes in the Netherlands are allowing residents' partners to move in with them for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic, provided that the partner follows the same precautionary rules as the residents, Trouw reports after speaking to 14 nursing home groups across the country. The government banned visits to nursing homes, unless a resident is dying, as to not expose their vulnerable residents to the coronavirus.

Summer vacation
Apr 7 '20 14:50

Due to the coronavirus, most people in the Netherlands aren't even thinking about going away for the summer holidays. Travel organizations received virtually no bookings for the period between May and August, the Telegraaf reports after surveying various travel providers. Many bookings that were made, have since been canceled, they said.

A hospital isolation room
Apr 7 '20 14:16

The number of coronavirus-related deaths in the Netherlands seems to be falling, according to figures released by public health agency RIVM on Tuesday. Preliminary figures show 117 reported deaths on April 4, the lowest since March 29, and thus far the deaths of just 176 people were registered by the agency for April 5 and 6.

Closed sign
Apr 7 '20 13:10

The majority, 65 percent, of entrepreneurs in the Netherlands are confident that their business will survive the coronavirus crisis, even though over a fifth of SMEs and 40 percent of self-employed have had to halt all their activities due to restrictions in place to curb the spread of Covid-19. 15 percent of entrepreneurs are worried that their business will collapse, according to a survey by MKB Service Desk and Motivaction.


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