Nov 13 '13 13:47

King Willem-Alexander and his wife Queen Máxima are visiting for the first time the Dutch Caribbean since becoming monarchs.

Nov 13 '13 12:48

The Netherlands has set a new legal age to buy cigarettes in order to reduce smoking among young people.

Nov 13 '13 11:36

Testifying Monday at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea in Hamburg, Germany, the Netherlands rejected Russian claims of inaction against Greenpeace activists.

Nov 13 '13 10:57

Samsung wants to help Dutch seniors to learn how to use digital services such as the internet and social networks.

Nov 13 '13 09:40

3i Infrastructure will invest €6.3 million in an 80% stake in the National Military Museum public-private partnership (PPP) project in the Netherlands.

Nov 13 '13 05:05

The police assumes the Heul Girl was possibly kidnapped and held captive for some time. They came to this conclusion because the girls went hungry for a long time before she died

Nov 13 '13 05:03

A group of about 25 people stormed the office of housing association Woonwenz in Venlo on Tuesday afternoon

Nov 13 '13 05:03

The third floor of the Royal Palace in Amsterdam will be open to the public next summer. For the exhibition "In vol ornaat", visitors are allowed to look around in the large and the small Court Martial Chambers. Never before were visitors granted access to the third floor of the palace, according to a spokesperson Tuesday

Nov 13 '13 05:01

The Cooperating Aid Agencies and the Public Broadcasting , RTL and SBS will organize a TV fund-raiser on Monday, November 18th for the victims of the hurricane in the Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan northeast of Taiwan
Nov 13 '13 05:00

The government sends a defense aircraft to the Philippines. The unit of the Royal Air Force will probably leave Thursday from Eindhoven Airport

Nov 12 '13 18:24

The Netherlands authorities are probing U.S. pop star Miley Cyrus smoking during the MTV Europe Music Awards 2013 in Amsterdam on Sunday night.

Nov 12 '13 16:25

Manchester United striker Robin van Persie has pulled out of the Netherlands squad for friendlies against Japan and Colombia due to injuries.

Nov 12 '13 16:10

Huawei Netherlands has mistakenly put customer information online in an open directory.

Nov 12 '13 15:46

Two Moroccan mothers filed a complaint with the Discrimination Hotline Amsterdam after their two children were denied candy from a resident on St. Maarten. The occupant did not give the kids candy because of their faith

Nov 12 '13 15:36

The Netherlands lost a Twenty20 World Cup Qualifier warm-up match against Ireland.

Nov 12 '13 15:25

On November 14 a group of "naked" people will walk through the center of Amsterdam. This group is known as the Diabetes Gang, who want to point out the consequences of the disorder on World Diabetes Day


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