Nov 14 '13 04:45

CDA and PvdA are pleased with the results of the mid-term municipal elections. The Labour Party did well in Friesland and became the largest party in Heerenveen and Leeuwarden . The Christian Democrats won the election in Alphen

Nov 14 '13 04:45

The government and the opposition parties CDA, D66, ChristenUnie, GroenLinks, and SGP will not reach an agreement this week on the retirement plans

Nov 14 '13 04:35

A 29 - year-old The Hague resident was arrested for systematic exam fraud . He transmitted the correct answers of a safety exam for contractors to participants, using transmitting equipment

Nov 14 '13 04:34

NATO has agreed to the extension of the Patriot mission in Turkey. Netherlands contributes to the mission, of which Turkey is now asking for an extension

Nov 14 '13 04:33

The FairPhone, a Dutch initiative for a sustainable mobile phone is sold out. The makers tweeted Thursday afternoon that all 25,000 mobile phones were sold out

Nov 14 '13 04:31

The investigation into the eavesdropping practices of the U.S. NSA is extended to bank accounts

Nov 14 '13 04:30

Police received twenty tips after the broadcast of "Opsporing Verzocht" on the Heul Girl, who was murdered in 1976. A spokesperson calls it an excellent result

Nov 13 '13 17:06

No energy drinks, no fried snacks and no chips . The health rules Comenius Lyceum previously imposed on its canteen, cost the caterer to go broke last year. The competition from two Turkish bakeries and a nearby Albert Heijn were more than it could manage

Nov 13 '13 16:46

A majority of the Rotterdam City Council has called upon mayor Aboutaleb Thursday to allow another dance parade next year. The mayor is against a parade with trucks and DJ's, but sees opportunities for new dance initiatives

Nov 13 '13 15:41

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has fined Dutch club Ajax €25,000 after their supporters displayed an "offensive banner" against Celtic during a Champions League match, The Associated Press reports.

Nov 13 '13 15:24

The Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte will pay a two-day official visit to China on Friday.

Nov 13 '13 14:09

Vodafone Netherlands announced that it will invest €270 million over the next three years in the Netherlands.

Nov 13 '13 13:47

King Willem-Alexander and his wife Queen Máxima are visiting for the first time the Dutch Caribbean since becoming monarchs.

Nov 13 '13 12:48

The Netherlands has set a new legal age to buy cigarettes in order to reduce smoking among young people.

Nov 13 '13 11:36

Testifying Monday at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea in Hamburg, Germany, the Netherlands rejected Russian claims of inaction against Greenpeace activists.

Nov 13 '13 10:57

Samsung wants to help Dutch seniors to learn how to use digital services such as the internet and social networks.


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