Jun 21 '13 06:27

At the auction of IJmuiden, the first barrel of New Dutch Soused Herring on Thursday delivered an amount of 69,000 euros. The money was raised by local traders and businesses and goes to two charities. The auction is organized every year by a local restaurant. The first barrel of New Dutch Soused Herring at the auction in Scheveningen, was sold for 66,500 euro on Wednesday.

The money from the auction in IJmuiden goes to Telstar Home IJmuiden a foundation that organizes all kind of sporting events. The other charity is the Fund for the Poor of IJmuiden.

Jun 20 '13 08:59

Two sisters of 75 and 78 years of Margraten (Limburg) lost their lives on Wednesday in their hometown, due to a tragical traffic accident. When the two pedestrians  crossed the high way around 5.00 pm, they were hit by a tractor with a lawnmower installed at the front.

The precise location of the accident was the crossing of the highway with the Sterre der Zeestraat, reported the police. The tractor was driven by a 43-year old man from Echt, Limburg. The driver gave a statement to the police. After taking the statement the police let the man go.

Jun 20 '13 08:55

State Secretary of Social Affairs, Jetta Klijnsma, is going to talk with telecom companies about the increasing number of young people who get into debt by expensive telephone subscriptions. She will ask the companies to ensure that customers do not subscribe to a plan that is beyond their capacity.

Klijnsma has said that Wednesday in the House. She responded to a plea of SP MP Sadet Karabulut. Karabulut wants that phone service providers will fall under the Financial Supervision Act. They would then be obliged to assess the creditworthiness of subscribers.

Jun 20 '13 08:50

Less visitors for less outdoor pools. The, mostly, private owners of these baths have not an  easy time. This can be concluded from figures of the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

Fewer Dutch can cool down in the summer in an outdoor swimming pool. There are at this moment only 220 of such pools, against 330 in the late 1980s. The cause: municipalities must cut spending and have merged.

Jun 20 '13 08:46

Maastricht University (UM) can count themselves among the best 'young' universities of the world. This is evident from the annual ranking of Times Higher Education Magazine (THE) for universities that exist less than 50 years.

Maastricht rises in this top 100 from place 19 to the 6th spot. “The Maastricht University is steadily advancing. That is an exponent of the power of the Dutch educational system as a whole,” says the chief editor Phil Baty of THE.

Jun 20 '13 08:42

On a farm in Milheeze (Noord-Brabant) all 1100 pigs were killed on Wednesday, after the ventilation system in the stable had broken down. This was told by a spokesperson of the municipality of Gemert-Bakel of which Milheeze is a part of.

The ventilation system on the farm at De Haag in Milheeze, was possible already broken on Tuesday. However, that was only observed on Wednesday. The pigs died due to the high temperatures and the lack of fresh air.

Jun 20 '13 08:27

Former PSV Eindhoven forward Jeremain Lens has transferred to Dynamo Kiev for an undisclosed price.

Jun 20 '13 07:30

On May 31, 2013, Netherlands and China signed a new tax agreement, according to China-briefing.

Jun 20 '13 06:19

Some parents would like their child to accomplish their personal aspirations, according to the study posted in the journal PLOS ONE.

Jun 20 '13 06:05

The government plans to limit the level of Campylobacter bacteria on chicken meat through a process called hygiene criterion, according to reports from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in the Netherlands.

Jun 20 '13 05:56

On June 26, the Dutch Embassy will organize a dialogue on sustainable food source, insects, according to The Washington Post reports. The event will feature a tasting presentation of cicadas, mealworms, and crickets.

Jun 20 '13 05:47

The Netherlands is one of the first countries to get twenty four Range Rover Evoque Sicilian Yellow. The selling price is at€79,900 including VAT and BPM, according to GTSpirit.

Jun 20 '13 05:33

Police officials said three farmworkers died after falling into a manure silo in the village of Makkinga, northern of the Netherlands. Another man, who was in critical condition, was brought to the hospital.

Jun 19 '13 09:22

A mass street fight in Rotterdam-Zuid on Tuesday, ended in a stabbing in which two people got wounded. One person has been arrested. That announced the police.

The location of the fight was the Paul Kruger Street. An estimated 15 to 20 people have been fighting with each other. There were also knives drawn. Two people ended up with stabbing wounds. A man was stabbed in the side, another in an arm. Both were treated in a hospital.

The police has no idea what caused the fight.

Jun 19 '13 09:20

Dutch increasingly accept the reduced prosperity and the new austerity.

More than a third of the population (34 percent) has spontaneously chosen  to live a more sober life, shows the Mentality Monitor 2013 of investigation bureau Motivaction. 15 Years ago, that percentage was 23 and the society was more materialistic.

Property has become less important. Sharing a car or other material things is becoming increasingly common. Choosing and doing more with less, is one of the main characteristics of this time, is one of the conclusions.

Jun 19 '13 09:04

“Michael Boogerd won in 2002 in a monumental manner the Tour stage to La Plagne. It was one of the highlights in his cycling career. He, however, did not obtain the victory on his own. Before the start of the stage, the Rabobank rider underwent a blood transfusion. Blood ran from the arm of brother Rini directly to his own arm.” Boogerd fights this anecdote in a book about cycling.


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