Sep 26 '13 02:28

The Dutch embassy in Sudan advised its compatriots to stay in as much as possible. The advice follows violent protests in the country against the abolition of subsidy on fuel.

Sep 26 '13 02:26

MS patients fear an important medication for their condition will soon no longer be reimbursed.

Sep 26 '13 02:25

Half of the newborn baby girls are expected to turn one hundred or older. This is evident from calculations of the Dutch Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute NIDI. Of the newborn boys one out of three may turn one hundred.

Sep 26 '13 02:22

State Secretary of Security and Justice, Teeven, wants prisoners to manufacture goods for ministries. Those generally contract companies, which often involves expensive procurement.

Sep 26 '13 02:20

A culture of fear has developed among police, because officers who speak up against mismanagement are disciplined.

Sep 26 '13 02:19

Teachers and school principals have little confidence in the National Education Agreement that was concluded last week between the government and the Education Foundation. This is evident from research by DUO Education Research Office under a thousand teachers and principals in primary and secondary education.

Sep 25 '13 11:43

On Wednesday and Thursday the House will discuss the Dutch National Budget which was presented on Tuesday last week by the government. The opposition had a week to study and come up with alternatives.

Sep 25 '13 03:22

Smaller hospitals can have a lower mortality rate if doctors monitor each other better, and the medical staff follows national guidelines, and keeps better track of patient records. The Danner committee draws this conclusion after examining the deaths of nearly 800 patients in the Ruwaard van Putten Hospital in Spijkenisse.

Sep 25 '13 02:41

Apple has reportedly been working on smart glasses, similar to Google's Glass since 2006. The project was put on hold to work on the iPhone.

Sep 25 '13 02:40

The Asian fruit fly Drosophila suzukii that damaged crops in North America and southern Europe, now threatens Dutch orchards. The expectation is that the fruit fly may also cause harm in the Netherlands, writes Dijksma, State Secretary of Agriculture, in response to questions from the House.

Sep 25 '13 02:40

A Rotterdam pharmacy has been closed down for at least a week by Healthcare Inspection. The reason is the absence of a pharmacist.

Sep 25 '13 02:39

GPs have almost unanimously accepted the healthcare agreement on Tuesday that was signed this summer. This is announced by the National Association of General Practitioners (LHV).

Sep 25 '13 02:38

The general and military intelligence (MIVD and AIVD) will focus on cyber threats with a joined team.

Sep 25 '13 02:37

There is still a lot of confusion about the speed limit on freeways. Many motorists appreciate the new speed limit of 130km/h, but a year after it's introduction there's still a lot of confusion due to the many changes in speed limits.

Sep 25 '13 02:36

The Rijksmuseum has received thirteen rare Japanese prints from the 19th century on loan. It involves design drawings for paintwork, including for a panel that has already been in the collection of the Rijksmuseum since 1891.

Sep 25 '13 02:35

The Arctic Sunrise crew, among which two Dutch, was transferred to the office of Inquiry in Russia.


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