Oct 2 '13 00:26

In a long-term investigation into fraud with antibiotics in the poultry production cars, homes, commercial properties, and bank accounts were seized. According to the prosecution it concerns an amount of 650,000 euros.

Oct 2 '13 00:25

1 out of 5 women with breast cancer and clean lymph nodes in the armpit do not need chemotherapy after surgery. Therefore, they should all be offered a genetic tumor test, according to Sabine Linn, professor and medical oncologist at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital. She is involved in the study of the test.

Oct 2 '13 00:24

The Utrecht University calls for a periodic inspection for pets. According to the University Clinic for Companion Animals (UKG) there is too little attention for cancer in animals. We noticed we are only called upon when the cancer is already in a very late stage, states surgeon Jolle Kirpensteijn of the UKG.

Oct 2 '13 00:23

Netherlands ranks fourth in countries where life is good for the elderly.

Oct 2 '13 00:23

The promotion to recruit new participants for Burgernet (Citizen net), has so far resulted in 100,000 new members since the start 3 weeks ago, reports the Ministry of Safety and Justice.

Oct 2 '13 00:22

Uncertainty drives the Dutch Greenpeace activist Faiza Oulahsen crazy in a Russian cell. She writes this in a letter to a co-worker. The letter was published by Greenpeace on the organization's website.

Oct 1 '13 05:07

New evidence shows that the coronation mantle which was worn by king Willem-Alexander during the inauguration was made in 1948 and is not the original robe of king Willem I, made in 1815.

Some news only becomes news when the facts are covered in mystery. The origin of the coronation mantle is such a news item. Everybody can understand that some textiles can age considerably over a certain period of time. Why does the Government Information Service (RVD) keeps on repeating that the robe is slightly changed but still authentic?

Coronation mantle

Oct 1 '13 04:10

The introduction of the 20-week ultrasound resulted in a significant decrease of abortions in a later phase. Since 2007 the 20-week ultrasound is standard procedure, making it possible to decide a course of action in case the child has a severe birth defect.

Oct 1 '13 03:28

Wouter Hamel decided not to go to Russia for now. The Dutch Jazz artist Twittered he would not feel safe being there.

Oct 1 '13 03:15

45 hospitals get the new label senior friendly hospital. Several elderly organizations joined forces to develop the new label. 130 hospitals were submitted to the test.

Oct 1 '13 02:30

In case king Willem-Alexander dies, unexpectedly, before 2021, queen Maxima will become regent of princess Amalia. This is part of a law proposal which was sent to the House and the Senate.

The law proposal is meant to have a hassle free continuation of the kingship in case of such a calamity.

Oct 1 '13 02:27

The municipality Lansingerland has major objections to the alternative Fyra-plans of State Secretary Mansveld (PvdA).

Oct 1 '13 02:03

KPN has been struggling for hours with a major failure in digital television. Some viewers have been getting an error message since Monday morning and can not use certain services.

Oct 1 '13 01:39

If the public broadcast wants to compensate for part of the government cuts, it will have to broadcast more TV commercials. Also the programming will have to be interrupted by commercials.

Oct 1 '13 01:38

The TV series Wie is de Mol (Who is the Mole), Flikken Maastricht (Cops Maastricht) and Divorce are nominated for the Gouden Televizier Ring. The nominations were announced Monday evening at RTL Boulevard.

Oct 1 '13 01:37

The VVD is annoyed by the infomercials of the public broadcaster which criticizes the government cuts. Member of Parliament Matthijs Huizing announced he will question Minister Sander Dekker of Media Affairs about the matter.


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