Jan 22 '14 15:05

Two 13-year-old boys, from Paterswolde/Eelde in the province of Drenthe, have admitted committing 27 crimes, news agency ANP reported.

Jan 22 '14 14:41

Badr Hari, professional kickboxer and suspect in several assaults in the nightlife environment, will appear before the Amsterdam court today, where his trial will be resumed.

Jan 22 '14 13:53

In the Netherlands, the number of violent incidents at clubs and bars declined sharply for the third consecutive year, Volkskrant reported.

Jan 22 '14 13:08

The police have increased the security cover for the house of Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Abou Taleb after a threat was made against him last night.

Jan 22 '14 12:44

Pabo, a German-based adult goods company, has opened a super store in Amsterdam.

Jan 22 '14 10:29

The police have arrested a total of 14 suspects in recent months for Internet fraud.

Jan 22 '14 09:03

Police in Groningen are investigating a shooting incident in Groningen that left a newspaper delivery man injured on the street. The 35-year-old was found shot on the Hoendiep, a residential street on the city's west side.

Jan 22 '14 04:31

Citizens, who hold both the Dutch and Turkish nationality, will have to fulfill their obligatory military services in Turkey, wrote minister Hennis-Plaschaert of Defense in a letter to Parliament.

Jan 21 '14 20:17

The "Heart patients" Hotline evaluated the complaints it received in its first year of existence and announced them on Monday. The most common complaint about physicians and nursing staff is that they are "rude" and "arrogant."

Jan 21 '14 18:01

The mother of an 11-year-old boy, who was found dead in a home on the Noorderlicht in Amersfoort, was arrested by the police on suspicion of killing her son.

Jan 21 '14 17:13

Former Secretary-General of the Ministry of Security and Justice, Joris, Demmink, has to be prosecuted by the Publice Prosecution for alleged sexual crimes, ruled the court in Arnhem, Tuesday.

Jan 21 '14 16:18

Compared to late 2012, when the Dutch economy was still in a deep recession, the economy had entered a recovery stage by the end of 2013, according to the Business Cycle Tracer (BCT), published by Statistics Netherlands.

Jan 21 '14 15:24

A 46-year-old man, who was arrested in Helmond, Friday, for the murder of Nicole van den Hurk, has been convicted twice before for rape and assault of women.

Jan 21 '14 15:23

The export value of Dutch flowers and plants has dropped 2% to €5.3 billion in 2013, according to HBAG.

No image available
Jan 21 '14 15:19

A Colombian national was arrested on Monday for involvement in the horrific double murder in Delfgauw last year May.

Jan 21 '14 14:29

VVD MP, Pieter Duisenberg wants the Islāmic University in Rotterdam to lose its accreditation, based on statements of the rector, who reportedly approves of violence.


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