Jul 9 '15 10:25

Kinderdijk is finally showing signs that it is recovering from its financial troubles. On Wednesday the windmill complex welcomed its 150,000th visitor of the season - the first time ever that so many tourists visited the complex so early in the season.

Jul 9 '15 10:03

Solar researchers at Utrecht University have developed an electricity generating stained glass panel inspired by the colorful paintings of Piet Mondrian, the university announced earlier this week.

Ajax Club
Jul 9 '15 09:32

Ajax has been named the most fiscally stable football club in Europe for the second year in a row

Jul 9 '15 09:18

Secondary schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods do not have enough money in the budget to provide their students with the extra lessons or care they need for a proper education.

Jul 9 '15 08:43

The Hague Mayor Jozias van Aartsen admitted that there is racism in his city's police force. He said this on Wednesday during a debate in the City Council regarding the death of Aruban man Mitch Henriquez and the subsequent riots in Schilderswijk. Up until now, the Mayor has always denied the existence of racism in the police.

Jul 9 '15 08:21

Minister Ard van der Steur of Security injustice has asked the Inspectorate of his ministry to investigate the chokehold sometimes used by police officers to bring suspects under control. A spokesperson for the minister confirmed this after The Hague Mayor Jozias van Aartsen mentioned it during a debate in the Hague city council, NU reports.

Jul 8 '15 16:02

A highly toxic wandering spider has been wandering around the the Zuid-Holland village of Rijnsburg since Tuesday.

Jul 8 '15 15:49

A pop-up harbor will be constructed for Sail Amsterdam with room for about 300 to 400 boats. This should make it easier for boat owners to "park" their boats.

Jul 8 '15 15:43

Angry residents along the route of the A4 highway at Steenbergen have erected a giant penis statue in protest against the highway. They hope that this gesture will finally draw Infrastructure Minister Melanie Schultz van Heagen's attention to their complaints that the highway was not built according to the rules.

Police sign
Jul 8 '15 15:15

On Tuesday the police broke up a chat-scam scheme and arrested 4 suspects on suspicion of theft, fraud and money laundering.

Jul 8 '15 14:50

The Dutch population is increasingly staying away from milk. A massive 21 million fewer liter cartons of milk was sold in 2014, compared to 2013. In the past 15 years, the amount of milk consumed in the Netherlands dropped by more than a third, RTL Nieuws reports.

Jul 8 '15 14:21

State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff of Security and Justice has to clarify his policy on testing the credibility of asylum seekers who have fled their home countries because they are gay, according to the Council of State.


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