Aug 29 '13 04:08

Nearly half of the hospitals that perform stomach, esophagus, prostate, or bladder surgery did not meet the standard last year.

Aug 29 '13 03:28

An additional investment in the rail link between Schiphol and Lelystad will enable to let ride, every 10 minutes, an Intercity or Sprinter on the track from 2023.

State Secretary Wilma Mansveld (Railways)) agreed this on Wednesday with the regional authorities. For two extra tracks near Weesp, 126 million euro has been budgetized.

Aug 29 '13 03:20

The eightieth birthday of Ramses Shaffy will be celebrated with a big musical party at the De La Mar Theatre in Amsterdam. On December 1, the day the singer died four years ago,there will be a tribute to Shaffy in the theater. The proceeds will go to a fund for young artists that Shaffy founded before his death.

The organization of the the benefit event is in the hands of the De La Mar Theatre and producer The Family. The Family produced the new television series about the life of Ramses Shaffy​​.

Aug 28 '13 04:09

Government, unions, employers and environmental organizations agree on the final version of the energy agreement. In July, the parties already broadly agreed. The signatures will be placed expectedly next week, after the first constituencies of the organizations concerned have been consulted. The Social and Economic Council (SER) came on Tuesday with an official statement. The negotiations on the energy agreement took place under the direction of SER chairman Wiebe Draijer.

Aug 28 '13 04:01

King Willem-Alexander and queen Máxima received on Tuesday UN leader Ban Ki-moon and his wife at the Noordeinde Palace in The Hague. The king has invited the couple to dinner at the palace. Princess Beatrix was also present, reported the Government Information Service (RVD).

Aug 28 '13 03:23

A large majority of the Dutch (70 percent) believe that the world must intervene in Syria. More than 54 percent believes that the Netherlands should thereby help, according to a joint study by RTL News and EditieNL conducted by DVJ insights.

According to a vast majority of the Dutch (95.5 percent) the attack with poisonous gas of last week crossed the border, according to the study.

For intervention in Syria is a UN mandate important for many Dutch. 63.6 Percent of respondents believe that the international community should not intervene without mandate.

Aug 28 '13 03:19

The government does not favor the idea to let a judge decide about the validity of a living will. This is evident from Minister Edith Schipper’s answers to questions by the Labour Party.

The reason for the questions was a plea of former judge Jan Peeters to let judges decide on the validity of the euthanasia of a demented patient. Minister Schippers believes that this is not meaningful and not desirable.

Aug 28 '13 03:17

Cases against drug smugglers who are arrested at Schiphol will be handled through the new speedy trial method, starting September 1st.

Aug 28 '13 03:15

House D66 groupouse H leader Alexander Pechtold wants to break open the social agreement. He said this on television at  Knevel and van den Brink.

According to Pechtold, reforms in the labor market, such as the easier dismissal laws and reduction of duration unemployment benefits, are too much delayed by the social agreement. The social agreement does not create jobs, but destroys jobs, said Pechtold.

Aug 28 '13 01:52

The Operating rooms of the Breda Amphi Hospital are safe once again. A healthcare inspection today showed that staff clearly follow protocols and guidelines

Aug 28 '13 01:51

Representatives of the Mexican America Movil (AMX) meet Wednesday, for the first time, with the various unions of KPN on the future of the telecommunications company after any acquisition.

Aug 28 '13 01:48

The provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel are willing to contribute 140 million to an accelerated widening of the A1 between Apeldoorn and Azelo. With the additional finances construction can start in 2017.

Aug 28 '13 01:47

Over the past six months The Dutch government has requested data 11 times from Facebook from a total of 15 users. A transparency report from this social networking site reveals this information

Aug 28 '13 01:45

A driver who was loading and unloading goods in Beverwijk on Tuesday around 18:50 hours was robbed and briefly abducted by five men wearing balaclava, according to a police announcement.

Aug 27 '13 04:30

The cleanest beaches in the Netherlands are this year again in Zeeland. As many as nine Zeeland beaches are in the Top 10 Cleanest Beaches of Netherlands Clean. This was announced by the jury chairman and ANWB director Guido van Woerkom on Monday.

The first three places are occupied by Domburg, Nieuwvliet and North Beveland, with almost identical scores. The only 'odd man out' is the beach of Julianadorp at Den Helder, which holds the fifth place.

Aug 27 '13 04:26

Huisman Schiedam is going to build the largest crane in the world, for the new offshore wind farm installation vessel Scylla. The specialist in the construction of heavy equipment for the offshore industry was commissioned by the South Korean shipyard Samsung Heavy Industries, announced ​​Huisman on Monday.


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