One of the nuclear Petten
Jun 5 '13 06:59

The nuclear facility in Petten is going to start up,  after a break of a few months, probably around June 11. From that moment on, the facility will be able to produce medical isotopes again.

In Petten there are two nuclear reactors which are used as research facilities and also for the production of radioactive material for medical purposes. The production is done by the Dutch radio pharmaceutical company, The Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group (NRG). The facility in Petten delivers  60% of the demand of medical isotopes in Europe.

Jun 5 '13 06:54

During the question hour on Tuesday, State Secretary Wilma Mansveld promised to come up with an alternative for duped travelers who are affected by the fact that the Fyra will not run anymore.

D66 MP Stientje van Veldhoven was wondering why the State Secretary was caught by surprise by the decision of the Belgian Railways to abandon the Fyra.

Jun 5 '13 06:49

As the only share holder of NS, Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem wants to be more strict towards the railway company. He announced this during his weekly interview at RTLZ.

Dijsselbloem spoke about the meeting he had on Monday afternoon with NS chairman Bert Meerstadt. Dijsselbloem says that he doesn’t want to be informed anymore by the NS when they have made a decision already, but that he wants to be informed before a decision is made. “The NS has to consult the share holder in a much earlier stage and I am going to be sure, by myself, that this will not be forgotten.”

Jun 5 '13 06:42

Like all politicians who have/had to do with the incidents around the arrested activists on inauguration day, Minister Ivo Opstelten said, during the question hour in the House on Tuesday, that he regrets these arrests happened. 

GroenLinks MP Liesbeth van Tongeren asked the Minister of Security and Justice about the arrests of the activists Maessen and van der Hoek.

“This should have never happened and demonstrations against the monarchy should be possible in the Netherlands,” answered the Minister.

Fred Teeven
Jun 4 '13 08:13

State Secretary Fred Teeven (Security and Justice) is seriously threatened. The VVD minister has therefore already a few weeks personal security and his home in Amsterdam is monitored, as sources confirm to De Telegraaf.

The threats have increased considerably since the debate about the deceased Russian asylum applicant Aleksandr Dolmatov and the recently rekindled debate about the criminalization of illegality. The threats seem to come from activists who are against the decisions on political asylum.

Jun 4 '13 08:09

The Department of Public Works will, from Monday on, put of the street lights on a number of roads. That will happen between 9.00 pm and 05.00 am and on some busy roads between 11.00 pm and 05.00 pm. This saves money, the department announced.

Less light means lower energy consumption and less light pollution to the environment.

The light will remain on at spots where it is really necessary for road safety, such as in tunnels or sharp bends.

Jun 4 '13 08:06

A 12-year-old boy has committed an armed robbery on a supermarket in Venlo. He threatened a female employee with a knife and was able to get money from her.

The police reports that two men, who were present in the store, overpowered the young criminal and handed him over to the police.

Outside the store was a group of four boys, in the age of 12 to 14, waiting for the robber. The police also arrested the group of four, all citizens of Venlo, because they expect that they are involved.

Jun 4 '13 08:02

The Dutch high-speed line (HSL-Zuid) has so far cost 8 billion euro. The only company using the track is the Belgian-French company Thalys. The Dutch railways (NS) and their Fyra are standing still and the top of NS has now decided that the Fyra will never be in use. 

That the NS decided to stop with the Fyra was announced on Monday after the Board of NS informed State Secretary of Railways, Wilma Mansveld. The board says that research shows that the train is insufficiently reliable.

Jun 4 '13 04:09

Since the elections of last year, the coalition partners VVD and PvdA have reached the minimum number of seats in parliament according to the poll of Maurice De Hond. When elections would be held at this moment, the two coalition partners would only have 40 seats together.

This weeks poll shows that VVD would loose one seat and would have a total of 22 seats, which are 19 seats less than they occupy now in the House.

Jun 4 '13 04:04

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima start on Monday with a two days journey to Germany. The trip is an introductory and trade visit to the two German states of Hessen and Baden-Württemberg. It is, after a short trip to Luxemburg, the second foreign trip of the royal couple. 

Jun 4 '13 03:58

A 77-year-old woman, from Tilburg, died when she was caught by a falling gate at a branch of Albert Heijn. The accident happened on Sunday morning 10 o’clock. The heavily injured woman was brought to a hospital, where she died at 13.15 pm.

The gate of the branch at the Jan Heijnstraat, Tilburg, is used for trucks, who go in and out. How the gate could fall is not yet exactly clear. The supermarket chain, the police and the Labour Inspectorate have started an investigation. Albert Heijn is also checking if the same style of gate is used at other branches.

Jun 4 '13 03:54

Director, actor and producer Marc van Uchelen has passed away at the age of 42. This was announced by the Theaterkrant on Sunday.

Only six years old, he played an important role, as young Anton Steen, in the movie of the book ‘De Aanslag’ by Harry Mulisch. This movie was rewarded an Oscar, in 1987, for the best foreign movie.

The passion of the actor, who was born in Baarn, was however not acting but directing. After he graduated from the Amsterdam Film Academy he made several short movies and commercials.


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