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Jan 30 '14 18:00

Diabetes patient Yosra Aajir who was arrested on January 13 as she injected insulin in a fitting room of a HEMA in The Hague, has been arrested a second time; this time at an H&M branch in the city.

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Jan 30 '14 16:45

Ridix has opened the first 3D printer shop in Netherlands.

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Jan 30 '14 15:54

Perry Oerlemans of Skyview Attractions is one of the participants of "Stadsinitiatief 2014" (city initiative 2014), and presented a plan for a 60 meter high Ferris wheel that he wants to build in Rotterdam, preferably in a busy location. He can have it up and running within a year.

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Jan 30 '14 15:23

Archaeologists have dug up a set of graves from the middle ages under a faculty building of the University of Utrecht.

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Jan 30 '14 15:09

VVD MP Malik Azmani drew the ire from the opposition today when he suggested to more often detain asylum seekers who were denied, but refuse to leave.

Crazy emergency brake test
Jan 30 '14 14:25

A video posted on LiveLeak shows a crazy emergency brake test of a Leopard tank in the Netherlands.

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Jan 30 '14 14:17

Minister of Infrastructure and Environment, Melanie Schultz van Haegen announced in Parliament today the lights of a number of freeways will stay off after 23:00. Her announcement was a response to a request of PVV and CDA to reevaluate the measure.

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Jan 30 '14 13:37

As expected, Royal Dutch Shell reported a drop in fourth-quarter 2013 profit largely because of increasing costs and lower oil and gas volumes.

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Jan 30 '14 12:45

A cat narrowly survived being shot with a pellet gun in Nijkerkerveen on Monday.

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Jan 30 '14 12:32

Sander Dekker, the State Secretary for the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, wants all Dutch scientific publications to be available online for free.

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Jan 30 '14 11:42

Mobile telecommunications giant Samsung is opening a chain of stores in the Netherlands.

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Jan 30 '14 11:29

Jaap Bierman, an independent senior advisor, has recommended merging NS and ProRail to solve the ongoing problems with traffic, the Volkskrant reports on Thursday.


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