Jun 4 '13 04:09

Since the elections of last year, the coalition partners VVD and PvdA have reached the minimum number of seats in parliament according to the poll of Maurice De Hond. When elections would be held at this moment, the two coalition partners would only have 40 seats together.

This weeks poll shows that VVD would loose one seat and would have a total of 22 seats, which are 19 seats less than they occupy now in the House.

Jun 4 '13 04:04

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima start on Monday with a two days journey to Germany. The trip is an introductory and trade visit to the two German states of Hessen and Baden-Württemberg. It is, after a short trip to Luxemburg, the second foreign trip of the royal couple. 

Jun 4 '13 03:58

A 77-year-old woman, from Tilburg, died when she was caught by a falling gate at a branch of Albert Heijn. The accident happened on Sunday morning 10 o’clock. The heavily injured woman was brought to a hospital, where she died at 13.15 pm.

The gate of the branch at the Jan Heijnstraat, Tilburg, is used for trucks, who go in and out. How the gate could fall is not yet exactly clear. The supermarket chain, the police and the Labour Inspectorate have started an investigation. Albert Heijn is also checking if the same style of gate is used at other branches.

Jun 4 '13 03:54

Director, actor and producer Marc van Uchelen has passed away at the age of 42. This was announced by the Theaterkrant on Sunday.

Only six years old, he played an important role, as young Anton Steen, in the movie of the book ‘De Aanslag’ by Harry Mulisch. This movie was rewarded an Oscar, in 1987, for the best foreign movie.

The passion of the actor, who was born in Baarn, was however not acting but directing. After he graduated from the Amsterdam Film Academy he made several short movies and commercials.

Jun 3 '13 07:50

Wakker Dier announced on Sunday that from August on, no plofkip will be used anymore in baby food of the drugstore chain Kruidvat.

Kruidvat writes in a letter to Wakker Dier that ‘the use of plofkip is not in accordance with the aim, to choose as much as possible for responsible ingredients’. A plofkip is a chicken which is brought in a short time to a desired weight, with all kind of negative effects for the chicken itself.

May 30 '13 08:48

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima continue their royal tour on Thursday, visiting the provinces Gelderland and Utrecht. During the second stage of their tour they will need an umbrella since the weather forecast shows that it will most probably rain. How more Dutch can it be!

May 30 '13 08:45

One out of five Dutch people have changed their way of eating meat after the recent cases around meat in the Netherlands. 11.6 percent of the people have started to eat biological meat, 7.1 percent eats less meat of certain animals and 5.3 percent less meat in general.

May 30 '13 08:41

Political reporter Ferry Mingelen is going to stop working for the NOS. The 66-year-old famous reporter will retire on January 1, 2014. Almost thirty years he has been the face of political journalism.

Last year, Mingelen reached the age of 65. The NOS decided then to let him work for one year more. It will be the end of his long career.

May 30 '13 08:36

Because the previous government made mistakes, by making too quickly decisions to reduce the export of benefits to countries like Morocco, now leads to a significant setback to the budget of the current government. This means that Minister Lodewijk Asscher of Social Affairs has to transfer 300 million euro, plus interest, to abroad.

This is the conclusion of Lodewijk Asscher himself, after losing a couple of lawsuits. He is going to pay now because he thinks that if he will appeal, the damage will be more.

May 28 '13 08:08

The missing volleyball player Ingrid Visser and her partner Lodewijk Severein have probably been killed because of a business conflict. Further, the Spanish police thinks that the couple have been killed in a flat in Molina de Segura, where they seemed to have stayed together with their killers.

May 28 '13 07:54

Call credits  should at least be good for half a year. A majority in the House wants Minister Henk Kamp of Economic Affairs, to arrange this by law as soon as possible, reports the AD on Tuesday.

D66, PvdA, PVV, CDA and SP follow with this call an action of the consumer organization Consumentenbond. The Consumentenbond thinks that call credits may not expire after only one month. They say that companies like T-Mobile, Vodafone and KPN earn about 68 million euro a month on expired call credits.

May 28 '13 07:42

In Groningen city, at the Grote Markt, people have been working until late Monday evening to prepare the visit of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima. On Tuesday the couple will start a journey to all twelve provinces. The intention of these visits is to give the people in the Netherlands a chance to see and meet the couple.


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