Dec 29 '14 14:30

Five people were killed in the fire on the ferry Norman Atlantic. This was confirmed by Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzy and the Greek Minister for the Merchant Navy, Miltiadis Varvitsiotis. The Italian Navy has announced that all other passengers were rescued.

Dec 29 '14 13:59

Another six companies that produce food want to stop the use of cage eggs, Wakker Dier reported today. These companies are Unox, Cup-a-soup, the Wild Bean cafes at BP gas stations, Cntucinnikoekjes of Sapori, ice cream shops of IJscuypje and the liquid egg products of Kweker.

Dec 29 '14 13:35

A record number of people visited the Museum de Fundatie (Foundation Museum) in Zwolle this year.

Police sign
Dec 29 '14 13:25

The police arrested six people last night in Hoogkerk, Groningen for setting fires in their neighborhood. They also pelted the police with stones and fireworks. The six suspects are all from Hoogkerk and are between the ages of 14 and 39 years old.

Dec 29 '14 13:16

About 60 municipalities have hired a lawyer after a tariff increase by automation company PinkRoccade. The company provides software to approximately 200 municipalities. The package will be expanded considerably next year, allowing citizens to make use of several services, such as applying for a new passport - without having to go to the municipal service desk.

Dec 29 '14 12:43

Police officers arrested a burglar in Apeldoorn early this morning who had fallen asleep in the house that he had broken into.

Dec 29 '14 12:37

A woman and two children were injured in an explosion and subsequent fire in their home in Sterrendaalders in Den Bosch last night. The police suspect that someone threw a firework bomb into their home through the letterbox.

Dec 29 '14 12:02

The Brokking bakery on Benschopperstraat in IJsselstein has won the AD Oliebollen Test. It is thus the best location to get oliebollen in the Netherlands.

Dec 29 '14 11:34

Ten birds escaped from safari park Beekse Bergen after an aviary collapsed. Eight spoonbills and two hammer heads got away.

Snow_road_(2235225465) (1)
Dec 29 '14 11:25

The slick roads warning for the center and east of the country has been withdrawn. Motorists should still be careful on local roads as they may still be slippery. According to the Traffic Information Service (VID), most of the slickness should disappear during the course of the morning.

Dec 29 '14 11:00

A pedestrian found a dead body in a ditch on Gramsbergenlaan in the Hague on Sunday. The victim presumably died because of an accident.

Dec 29 '14 10:47

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam this year proposed a ban on taking photographs with smartphones and tablets inside museums. But this action is not followed in all museums in Amsterdam. Some museums even encourage the taking of photographs.


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