Mar 30 '15 11:19

No new airlines have shown an interest in the Lelystad airport, Jos Nijhuis, CEO of parent company Schiphol told De Telegraaf yesterday. The procurement of the airport began in January.

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Mar 30 '15 11:15

Prices in the Dutch industrial sector took an 8.8 percent dive in February 2015 in comparison to February 2014, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has reported today.

Mar 30 '15 11:06

A 24 old motorist was arrested on Sunday morning for crashing into a house on Rolklaver in Kampen. The man sped away from the accident, but the police tracked him down with his license plate, which fell of the car during the accident and was found at the house.

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Mar 30 '15 10:57

There is unrest and displeasure among the staff of the General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) over budget cuts and the departure of a number of colleagues, the Volkskrant reports based on anonymous sources.

Mar 30 '15 10:27

Five Dutch citizens have been arrested in Turkey for illegally trying to cross the Turkish-Syrian border, the Turkish army report on the Ministry of Defense website. It is not known whether these Dutch people are jihadists or were trying to join a terrorist organization.

Mar 30 '15 10:12

Minister Bert Koenders of Foreign Affairs has added four Dutch jihadist to the national terrorist list and has frozen their bank accounts, ANP reports. According to the cabinet, these four jihadists have joined terrorist groups in Syria or Iraq.

Mar 30 '15 09:48

Oma Toni (96), who was stabbed by a disturbed man in De Pijp last week, is doing a bit better. Since her stabbing, she has received more than 3 thousand cards and well wishes. Oma Toni's grandson, Roland Heeremans (42), and his wife Nienke Schipper (39) told Het Parool about their oma.

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Mar 30 '15 08:56

The prices for many Ajax season tickets will increase significantly next season, AD reports. The increases will range between 25 and 48 percent.

Mar 30 '15 08:40

Dutch teenager Max Vestappen (17) earned his first Formula 1 points in the Malaysian Grand Prix yesterday, NRC reports. With these points Verstappen became the youngest driver to earn points in Formula 1, his second record in a short time. Two weeks ago Verstappen became the youngest newcomer in Formula 1.

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Mar 30 '15 08:21

The Code Yellow warning for strong winds until Tuesday, the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute reports.

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Mar 30 '15 08:03

The parliamentarians in The Hague are pleased with the decision made by the ABN Amro executives to reverse the proposed salary increase of 100 thousand euros. The six members of the bank's Supervisory Board announced their decision in a statement yesterday.

Mar 29 '15 11:37

Visitors from over 75 different countries are expected to descend on Amsterdam for the fifteenth anniversary of the Sensation dance party. Lustrum Sensation, or Sensation: The Legacy, sold out within a day of tickets going on sale this weekend, the party’s founder told newswire ANP.


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