Jun 17 '15 14:40

Minister Edith Schippers of Pubic Health has put the funding for the new cervical cancer screening program on hold indefinitely. This follows accusations that one of the professors involved had neglected to mention conflicts of interest.

Jun 17 '15 14:15

A number of Amsterdam law firm Prakken d'Oliveira's clients are refusing to communicate with their attorneys by phone or email because they are afraid that the General Intelligence and Security Service, or AIVD, is listening in

Geeert Wilders (Source: Wikimedia/Fabio Visconti)
Jun 17 '15 13:50

Aggrieved complainants in the "fewer Moroccans" case against Geert Wilders will not be able to count on legal aid. The Legal Aid Council recently rejected the requests submitted by the lawyers acting on behalf of dozens of Moroccan complainants.

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Jun 17 '15 13:21

The NS staff will not be armed armed with pepper spray and batons. Minister Ard van der Steur of Security and Justice announced this decision in a letter to the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, on Wednesday, NRC reports.

Jun 17 '15 12:28

Men should get 10 days paid maternity leave after the birth of their child, instead of the current 2 days. This is one of the proposals in a report by Rugters, the knowledge center for sexuality, which was handed to Minister Lodewijk Asscher of Social Affairs on Wednesday morning.

Jun 17 '15 12:01

Sources close to the secret cabinet negotiations on a package of tax reforms say that the government is planning to increase sales tax on many goods and services to generate an extra five billion euros in revenues, according to the NRC. The cabinet wants to raise the tax to balance out an effective cut in income tax for many living in the Netherlands.

Jun 17 '15 11:53

Victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests are critical about the Catholic church's plans for a scheme to pay compensation to victims whose complaints were were judged unfounded. Victims feel that the scheme is too much like a quick payoff.

Jun 17 '15 11:10

It seems that kids have rediscovered an easy way to get high - by inhaling nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, from whipped cream canisters. Behavioral expert Kees van Overveld fears that this could be a stepping stone to the use of soft drugs at a young age.

no image
Jun 17 '15 10:37

Ikea Netherlands will stop selling carbonated soft drinks from mid-September. The soft drinks will be replaced by "fruit water", which contains 50 percent less sugar

Jun 17 '15 10:26

The marechaussee, military police, is stepping up security near the borders in an attempt to stop undocumented migration. More and more migrants are trying to get to England via the Netherlands by hiding in containers and trucks.

No image available
Jun 17 '15 10:06

The police arrested a 40 year old man from Arnhem in Doesburg on Tuesday. The suspect threatened to take a child away from his ex wife and then take the child to Syria. The suspect had a bag with him which presumably contained explosives. The bag caused quite a commotion, which finally ended when the police blew it up.

Jun 17 '15 09:41

The police have arrested two people on suspicion of involvement in counterfeiting baby formula labels. The arrests form part of an ongoing investigation.


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