Jul 2 '15 10:06

A 50 year old man disappeared under water in the Kommerdijk in Gendt on Wednesday after rescuing his 24 year old son. Police and fire department divers searched for the man for almost two hours, but found no sign of him.

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Jul 2 '15 09:47

Due to the hot weather expected for today, NS will be adjusting the train services on a number of routes.

Jul 2 '15 09:32

KLM is decreasing the number of flights in its winter schedule in an effort to compensate for falling revenues, the airline announced on Wednesday.

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Jul 2 '15 09:18

Anti-Zwarte Piet groups are planning protests and demonstrations at the national entry of Sinterklaas on November 14th in Meppel.

Jul 2 '15 09:05

Mitch Henriquez' cousin Alex Dijkhoff does not think racism played a roll in the aggressive arrest in The Hague on Saturday that led to his cousin's death.

Jul 2 '15 08:46

The riot police were attacked by rioters during another night of rioting in The Hague on Wednesday night. The dozens of police officers were standing in two lines at the intersection of Hobbemastraat and Vaillantlaan when the rioters descended on them.

Jul 1 '15 16:35

An 82 year old man from the Eindhoven region has become 23.9 million euros richer after winning the Lotto Jackpot on Saturday. He will have 17 million euros to spend after tax has been deducted.

Jul 1 '15 16:10

Zeeland mussels will be available everywhere from next week. This was announced after the successful testing of some samples in Oosterschelde and the Wadden Sea, NU reports.

Jul 1 '15 15:45

A total of 96,246 Amsterdam households are living in poverty. That is 23.7 percent of all Amsterdam residents, an increase of 1.3 percent compared to 2013.

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Jul 1 '15 15:20

Minister Edith Schippers of Public Health wants health insurers to be more transparent by reducing the number of different health insurance polices they offer to people.

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Jul 1 '15 14:55

Groningen residents are still in danger of earthquakes caused by gas extraction, even after the extraction limit for this year was reduced to 30 billion cubic meters last week.

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Jul 1 '15 14:30

Employers in small and medium sized enterprises have laid off hundreds of employees these last few days in an effort to avoid the new work and security law, and the severance pay it entails, which took effect today.


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