Apr 14 '15 07:56

About 10 thousand people attended the demonstration organized by anti-Islam movement Pegida in Dresden, Germany on Monday. PVV leader Geert Wilders addressed the demonstration.

Apr 13 '15 18:46

A new independent investigation into the fire at elderly home De Notenhout in Nijmegen that left 4 inhabitants dead in late February should take place as soon as possible, state political parties GroenLinks, United Senior Party (VSP) and Gewoon Nijmegen. Other Nijmegen council groups want to wait until the political debate about the existing reports blows over, but still want doubts and controversy surrounding the conclusions to be dealt with, newspaper De Gelderlander writes.

Elderly Hospital
Apr 13 '15 18:26

Three quarters of doctors feel that elderly home care is insufficient, with half of all nurses agreeing, a survey published by broadcaster NOS revealed. The doctors and nurses see more and more single elderly people with poor nutrition, and say they get too little professional attention and home care.

no image
Apr 13 '15 17:46

Disruption in train services to and from Schiphol airport were eventually cleared up late Monday afternoon. Maintenance was scheduled to end by 5 a.m. just before morning rush hour, but the number of available trains running was significantly reduced.

UvA protest
Apr 13 '15 17:23

Approximately a thousand people joined a new demonstration against the University of Amsterdam following the end of a two month long sit-in protest split between two university buildings. Demonstrators on Monday included students and lecturers marching for "more democracy" at the university, and a demand for the resignation of the the university's Executive Board (CvB).

Apr 13 '15 17:05

All NS Intercity trains will be equipped with 4G mobile internet connections by the end of the summer, reports public transport news outlet OV Magazine. The first Intercity trains with high-speed internet are already operational.

Apr 13 '15 16:50

Amidst mounting pressure to resign over the police-led eviction of protesters camped at a university administration building, the University of Amsterdam Executive Board (CvB) said that it "regrets" having to evict the students, a new statement from the CvB reads. The board said the decision was unavoidable, as a judge agreed with the university's position that safety could not be guaranteed if protesters were to move forward with a planned festival last weekend.

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Apr 13 '15 16:45

Expanding local authorities' capacity to levy taxes need not diminish residents' disposable income, says a policy brief published Thursday by the Dutch Central Planning Bureau (CPB). It also argues that a more localized approach to taxation collection may create 15,000 additional jobs over time.

Marco Galasso's 2011 work "the mask"
Apr 13 '15 16:11

A Dutch Central Bank (DNB) official has been discovered living a double life as an exclusive sadomasochistic mistress for six years, Quote reveals. The bank cracked the whip and fired her after eight years of employment last October.

biker gangs
Apr 13 '15 16:08

The mayor of laid-back Hoorn has said that people in his town felt intimidated on Sunday when biker clubs Satudarah and Hells Angels arrived in town and started what appeared a loud game of dare on a town square.

The UWV building on Cascadeplein in Groningen
Apr 13 '15 15:10

Flexible contracts are now even less likely to result in permanent employment for employees after one year of service, new figures from jobs and benefits agency UWV show. Currently, only one in 20 temporary employees, or five percent, will receive a permanent position after a year at the firm.

no image
Apr 13 '15 15:04

The Labor Party (PvdA) should change its course, many current and former party supporters said according to the most recent polling data from Maurice de Hond. Over half of respondents, 55 percent in total, said party leader Diederik Samsom should step down.


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