Apr 16 '15 13:12

The 20 year old man that was shot on Bergselaan in Rotterdam on Monday, April 6th, was arrested on Wednesday. He is suspected of involvement in the deliberate shooting incident.

Apr 16 '15 12:33

The concept for the new Schiedam logo has caused quite a fuss among local politicians. The recently presented concept is supposed to be a windmill blade, but looks a bit like a swastika.

Apr 16 '15 12:16

Benefits agency UWV has decided to play a more active role in helping those who are receiving a benefit and are struggling with debt, by asking people to report their debt to them. This is decision was based on the results of a study commissioned by UWV.

Apr 16 '15 11:54

On Wednesday the police arrested a 16 year old boy for threatening a 42 year old teacher with a knife.

Apr 16 '15 11:43

Rotterdam residents prevented a tourist family from Thailand from being robbed by fake police officers on Tuesday.

Apr 16 '15 11:22

The Public Prosecutor has significantly reduced the charges against Armin A., the prime suspect in the Valkenburg underage prostitution case.

Apr 16 '15 10:54

The occupation of the Maagdenhuis will cost the University of Amsterdam an estimated 460 thousand euros, according to the first assessment of the Facility Services, Folia reports.

Apr 16 '15 10:38

On Thursday Amnesty International placed tombstones in the square in The Hague. This was done to both commemorate the hundreds of people that have drowned in the Mediterranean sea this year while trying to cross into Europe and to bring attention to the lack of an European Union rescue operation.

Apr 16 '15 10:08

The Tweede Kamer's plan that NAM must prove that damage to homes in Groningen was not caused by earthquakes, rather than the other way around, has the residents in the area very happy

Apr 16 '15 09:45

The Ahold shareholders meeting on Wednesday took a strange turn when a grocery bagger got a chance to speak and asked CEO Dick Boer for a pay increase.

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Apr 16 '15 09:11

Four butchers in The Hague have been selling turkey meat as lamb. Turkey meat is much cheaper than ham.

Apr 16 '15 08:42

An estimated one third of tattoo inks used in the Netherlands contain substances that could cause cancer, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority reports.


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