May 27 '15 11:57

An electrical failure at Belgium air traffic control forced the closure of airspace above Belgium on Wednesday morning, Eurocontrol said in a statement. The regional airspace will remain shut until at least 2 p.m. local time, The Brussels Airport authority said.

May 27 '15 11:54

The police raided 27 grow shops across the Netherlands on Tuesday in a national action day to tackle businesses that facilitate cannabis cultivation. A total of 11 people were arrested.

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May 27 '15 11:29

The police have released a composite sketch of a man suspected to be involved in the arson of the Theater Palazzo in Grave on April 26th as well as a robbery at the same theater a week earlier.

Enduring Freedom
May 27 '15 11:13

The Dutch F-16 fighter jets have dropped their 500th bomb on an ISIS target since the Netherlands joined the mission against the terrorist organization last year.

Marjolein Faber
May 27 '15 10:54

PVV State members in at lest 9 provinces did not vote for their leader for the Senate, Marjolein Faber, in the Senate elections on Tuesday.

May 27 '15 10:40

A German couple was robbed of 200 thousand euros in a hotel in Amsterdam in a home sale deal gone wrong.

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May 27 '15 10:17

A business on Wijkermeerstraat in Hoofddorp was robbed on Tuesday morning. One person was injured. Witnesses say that Kalashnikovs were used in the robbery.

May 27 '15 09:54

There is no evidence that Germany spied on the Netherlands at the request of the American secret Service NSA.

May 27 '15 09:36

Capital gains tax, the tax on savings and investment, will be decreasing for small savers and increasing for large investments. According to the PvdA, an agreement has been reached with coalition partner VVD on this, but the VVD denies that there is any such agreement, NOS reports

May 27 '15 09:16

The police are currently raiding more than 25 locations linked to Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. This is a joint action by the Public Prosecutor Limburg, the police and municipalities in which more than 400 police and judiciary employees are involved.

May 27 '15 08:59

With the selection of a new Senate on Tuesday, the Cabinet will very likely need the support of opposition parties to get new plans through the Senate more than ever. The CDA and D66 may be willing to give this support, but only if Prime Minister Mark Rutte meets their conditions.

May 27 '15 08:29

The renovation of the royal palace Huis ten Bosch is becoming much more expensive than was announced last year. The renovation was estimated to cost 35 million euros, but the actual amount now appears to have run up to about 60 million euros, RTL Nieuws reports based on sources close to the cabinet.


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