May 3 '15 12:43

Of the 750 Dutch citizens who were known to be in Nepal at the time of last month’s devastating earthquake, nearly two dozen are still missing, according to the Dutch government. Meanwhile, a Netherlands fundraising effort to assist the relief operation topped 8.5 million euros.

May 2 '15 16:50

A Dutch Hercules C-130 aircraft landed in Eindhoven shortly before 4 p.m. carrying seven coffins with human remains from the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 plane crash in eastern Ukraine. The military transport plane’s landing marked the official end of the MH17 international recovery effort, 290 days after the tragedy.

trauma helis gelderland
May 2 '15 16:09

At least one adult is dead and ten others are injured following the collapse of a cherry picker crane during a festival in Oosterwolde, Gelderland. Five of those injured are children, local police said on Saturday.

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May 1 '15 17:03

A total of more than 8.5 million people submitted their tax returns before May 1st. According to the Rijksoverheid, this is more than the previous year.

May 1 '15 16:50

Trade union FNV organized a march and demonstration in Amsterdam on May 1st, Labor Day, calling for more "real jobs" instead of temporary contracts.

May 1 '15 16:25

A primary school student wrote her expecting teacher a letter wishing her luck with the birth of her child. The girl then felt she needed to warn her teacher that giving birth feels like "pooping out a bowling ball".

May 1 '15 16:06

The body of a 46 year old woman was found floating in the water on Burgemeester Tienhovengracht in Amsterdam on Thursday afternoon. The police believe she drowned.

Police sign
May 1 '15 15:55

The police arrested a 30 year old man from Tilburg in Oirschot on Thursday for attacking a woman, groping her and then stealing her dog.

May 1 '15 15:49

The police arrested a 26 year old man from Purmerend on Thursday on suspicion of involvement in the explosion on a houseboat on the Veerdijk in Wormer on April 13th.

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May 1 '15 15:40

An intern working at the municipality of Utrecht is suspected of falsifying 13 passports between October 2014 and January this year. The suspect, an 18 year old man, has been suspended and banned from the city office.

May 1 '15 15:25

According to Rob Bertholee, the chief of the General Intelligence and Security Service, whistle blower Edward Snowden's allegations that the AIVD is a lap dog to its American counterpart is "absolute bullshit".

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May 1 '15 15:13

The Saudi cleric Aaidh al-Qarni is falsely labeled as “hate Imam”, while he actually confronts extremism, comments Muslims and Government Help Center (CMO). There were criticisms of his arrival, because in the past al-Qarni allowed himself hateful and anti-Semitic rhetoric.


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