May 4 '15 18:27

Artis Zoo is getting rid of its small cages in favor of larger, lifelike residence areas as a part of its ongoing reorganization. This implies giving up on many larger animals inhabiting the zoo. The animals to remain in the zoo will thus have more space available to them.

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May 4 '15 18:22

Converting offices, unused hospitals and care homes into housing can provide millions of euros worth of extra work for the construction and housing sector.In the best-case scenario, the program will help create an extra 1,800 residences a year, which should generate around 140 million euros in extra work, according to Economic Institute for Building Industry (EIB

May 4 '15 17:53

Municipalities along the German and Belgian borders are strongly opposing the neighboring countries building windmills in border areas, reports AD. They are seeking intervention from higher authorities, also on the European level.

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May 4 '15 17:41

A former purchaser of Philips grow lamps, who used them to improve cannabis production, is suing the company for preventing him from buying their products, reports broadcaster NOS. Philips stopped supplying the lamps to the entrepreneur because it did not want to be involved with production of cannabis.

May 4 '15 16:49

Dutch navigation company TomTom wants to become the main navigation provider for self-driving cars, chief executive Harold Goddijn told Reuters. He said an overhaul of TomTom’s mapping architecture lies behind the recent successes of the company’s automotive division

May 4 '15 16:45

Aircraft manufacturer Embraer is opening a new headquarter office in Amsterdam, Patrice Candaten, head of the company's European sales, told De Telegraaf. The arrival of the manufacturer in the Netherlands is expected to generate around 300 jobs.

May 4 '15 14:29

A researcher studying memory problems among airplane staff for the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam, denies the claims made by fellow researcher that people traveling by plane are exposed to deadly nerve gases.

May 4 '15 14:07

One of the suspects that was killed in the shooting in Garland, Texas on Sunday has been identified as Elton Simpson from Arizona, who has previously been a suspect in an investigation into terrorism.

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May 4 '15 13:40

Kimnik, the husky that was traveling with two Dutch arctic explorers in Canada up until they went missing on Thursday, was rescued on Saturday.

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May 4 '15 13:10

Two police officers fired two shots at a car on the corner of Javastraat and Tongerseweg in Maastricht on Sunday afternoon to prevent the car from crashing in to them.

May 4 '15 12:52

On Saturday the police arrested a 35 year old man from Vught for a burglary in Eindhoven. The police were able to identify the suspect due to DNA evidence found in the Eindhoven home - he left a can of soda he drank from in the house.

May 4 '15 12:14

A man robbed the Kruidvat on Amsterdamsestraatweg in Utrecht on Saturday using a small model crossbow. The police are looking for witnesses.


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