Kalverstraat boarding accident
May 5 '15 21:43

One person was seriously injured after a section of wooden boarding fell over on the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam. Six others were wounded Tuesday night when the large boards fell into them, the fire department said.

May 5 '15 16:55

Nelly de Vries-Lammerts from Amersfoort turned 110 years old on Tuesday, making her the oldest person in the Netherlands.

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May 5 '15 16:25

The bonus of Schiphol boss Jos Nijhuis is too high, according to Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem. The minister suggested that the bonus of the Schiphol CEO should be lowered, reports RTL Niews.

May 5 '15 15:50

Grocery stores are selling more cheap meat of lower quality than a year ago, finds supermarket monitoring organization Wakker Dier. They called the trend surprising, since in January the parliament voted against selling extraordinarily cheap meat in stores.

May 5 '15 15:24

Remains found in Golden Bay, New Zealand were positively identified as the body of Dutch tourist Ken Boogers, who went missing in the country in March, reports the Nelson Mail. Boogers disappeared after taking a hike from the camp where he was staying.

May 5 '15 15:04

There was a fire outburst in a monumental building in the center of Harderwijk, reports RTL Nieuws. The fire broke out in restaurant ‘t Rookerijtje located in the very center of the city. A spokesman for the fire brigade reported earlier that the fire was under control.

May 5 '15 15:00

Despite the rainy weather, Prime Minister Mark Rutte lit the liberation fire in Vlissingen at 13:00 this afternoon, thereby giving the official go-ahead for all fourteen liberation parties in the Netherlands.

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May 5 '15 14:30

Researchers from Radboud University Medical Center have discovered a new gene that causes hereditary colon cancer. This gene only causes an increased risk of colon cancer if both parents have it, which means that the siblings of a patient suffering from this form of cancer have an increased risk of also getting it, but not the patient's children.

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May 5 '15 14:00

The police found a large amount of baby milk powder on Monday in the Hague after chasing three men who had broken into several storage areas. The three managed to escape.

May 5 '15 13:30

On Saturday the Netherlands and Aruba reached an agreement that aims at achieving a sustainable balanced budget for the island, the Dutch government announced on Monday. This agreement should put an end to the long ongoing discussion and conflict surrounding the island's budget.

May 5 '15 13:30

The majority of the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, wants NS to put higher gates at Rotterdam Central Station and Amsterdam Central Station.

May 5 '15 13:00

The police arrested two men for threatening train workers in two separate incidents on Monday.


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